FOSS4G-AU 2012

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Regional FOSS4G hosted by the Aust-NZ OSGeo chapter. Given the cancelation of FOSS4G 2012 in China, many several groups have pulled together small regional conferences. Why should Australia and New Zealand miss out?


  • QCAT facilities, CSIRO, Pullenvale QLD
  • November: 15th and 16th

Lecture style theatre, smaller meeting rooms. Large site.


This event is free to attend (thanks CSIRO), however RSVP is mandatory.

Unconference Nov 15

Set up as an unconference with an initial kickoff to get organised, followed by breaking out into groups. The format resembles traditional "birds-of-a-feather sessions" and lends itself to well to panel discussions, workshops and creativity.

With an emphasis on interaction you can expect:

  • Group discussion
  • Show and tell
  • Quick presentation to lead a discussion
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Imagination


  • Open Source Stack - Integration War Stories
  • Make a Process in 10 mins
  • (Add your suggestion here)

Code Sprint Nov 16th

The second day is set up as a Code Sprint for hands-on involvement. Traditionally focused on project development, code sprints have proven a great venue for cross project collaboration (especially on standards and interoperability).

Teams / Topics:

  • QGIS
  • uDig / LocationTech
  • GeoServer / Application Schema
  • GeoTools / Process

OSGeo code sprints have been used by non-programmers to explore standards, policy, documentation, training, education and advocacy.