FOSS4G-BE 2015 Call for Sponsors

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FOSS4G Belgium 2015

After different successful events, such as OSGeo Ghent (2013), beOpenGIS (2014) and the geospatial devroom at FOSDEM (2015), the Dutch speaking and French speaking Open GIS communities in Belgium have decided to join their forces in a Belgian chapter of the OSGEO foundation and to organise the first FOSS4G Belgium.

The event will be hosted in Brussels at, The Environment and Energy Agency of the Brussels Capital Region. The date will be 29 October 2015.

The goal of the conference is to target a broad audience. Apart from a plenary session there will be place for interactive workshops and debates, both in English and in the major official languages of Belgium: Dutch and French.

We are looking for sponsors who want to support this event.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

The following table lists the lower limits of different sponsoring levels and the corresponding benefits sponsors get at the event for their support:

Level Exhibition space Page in programme Logo on main web page Logo on web page of sponsors
2000€ X X (1 page) X X
1000€ X (1/2 page) X X
500€ X X
250€ X


If you are interested in sponsoring FOSS4G-BE then please contact XXX.


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The foundation's projects are all freely available and useable under an OSI-certified open source license.


The upcoming Belgian chapter aims at translating the general OSGeo missions to the Belgian context by organising networking and information events.