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FOSS4G Belgium 2015

After different successful events, such as OSGeo Ghent (2013), beOpenGIS (2014) and the geospatial devroom at FOSDEM (2015), the Dutch speaking and French speaking Open GIS communities in Belgium have decided to join their forces in a Belgian chapter of the OSGEO foundation and to organise the first FOSS4G Belgium.

FOSS4G conferences gather developers and users of Open Source geospatial software as well as managers and decision-makers from around the world to discuss new directions, exciting implementations, and growing business opportunities in this domain. Recent years have seen substantial changes in the geospatial industry. One of those changes has been the growth in maturity and adoption of Free and Open Source solutions. In many cases organizations are using a mixture of open and closed source solutions.

We are looking for sponsors who want to support this event.

Target Audience and Structure of the Event

The goal of the conference is to target a broad audience of at least 150 participants.

There will be plenary sessions with a high-level keynote speaker (tbd), a main track with presentations of use cases, one side track targeting IT-officers and covering the practicalities of the use of FOSS4G in institutional settings, and a second side track targeting developers of FOSS4G.

Presentations and debates with be both in English and in the major official languages of Belgium: Dutch and French.

See the event web page for more information.

Date and Venue

The event will take place on October 29, 2015 in the beautiful new conference facilities of the [ Environment and Energy Agency] of the Brussels Capital Region which supports the event by providing the location.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

The following table lists the lower limits of different sponsoring levels and the corresponding benefits sponsors get at the event for their support:

Level Mention on stage Exhibition space Page in programme Logo on main web page Logo on web page of sponsors
1000€ X X X (1 page) X X
750€ X X (1/2 page) X X
500€ X X
250€ X


If you are interested in sponsoring FOSS4G-BE then please contact XXX.


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The upcoming Belgian chapter aims at translating the general OSGeo missions to the Belgian context by organising networking and information events.