FOSS4G-Europe 2014 workshops

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Workshops & Tutorials

Workshops are 3 hours practical course where users are expected to execute exercises on the topic/application(s) under discussion. Tutorials are 1.5 hours presentation where participants are expected to get a guided tour into the topic/application(s) under discussion.

Where & When

The day before of the main conference (Monday 14th July) has been set aside for the Workshops. For timetable see [1]


Very important: Participants will have to bring their own laptop since at the venue is not available any PC room.

please refer to the following section to identify:

  • requirements (hardware and software)
  • preparation steps to attend (e.g. installation, etc..)
  • link to external resources

FOSS4G routing with pgRouting, OpenStreetMap road data and OpenLayers

To be able to actively participate in this workshop, please prepare the following:

  1. Bring your own notebook
  2. Download and install VirtualBox
  3. Download the Virtual Machine Image of OSGeo-Live
  4. Run OSGeo-Live in VirtualBox
  5. Select the correct keyboard layout

If you're not familiar with Ubuntu Linux, it's now a good time to try out OSGeo-Live ;-)

Spatio-Temporal Big Data - the EarthServer approach

Web mapping with OGC services and GeoServer: an introduction

Introduction to rasdaman

Using R as a command line GIS

Geo Reports

Easily manage and dispatch your sensor data with istSOS

Analyzing spatial data with GRASS GIS 7

Building Standards Compliant Geospatial Web Application - The Quick and Easy MapMint Way