FOSS4G-Europe 2017 Code sprint

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Code Sprint

We are following the old tradition of hosting a codesprint on the FOSS4G. More precisely, we offer a setting so that individual projects can meet for their codesprint. Since projects benefit from each other as well, the codesprint will naturally be held conjointly at one place.

During the next FOSS4G Europe there will be space and time for you to improve your favorite Open Source project. More precisely, we offer a room for the entire conference period where individual projects can meet for their codesprints. Since projects benefit from working with each other as well, there will be also a dedicated day for the codesprint, Saturday 22 July 2017, the last day of the conference.

This is open to all who wish to participate in one or more projects. There’s always plenty to do – it’s not all about programming. Translation, documentation, feedback, discussions, testing – all this is also important for projects so everyone is cordially invited to attend the codesprints! Registration with the conference is not a prerequisite for participation in the codesprint, the codesprint is *free of charge*.

If you are interested to participate, please add you project/name in this wiki page.

Please be sure to avoid huge on-site downloads of data, as this could impact the work of others. Thank you!

The Codesprint Organizing Team is looking forward to your coming!

If you have questions/comments/ideas please let us know, contacting the Code Sprint Committee Chair at lucadeluge at gmail dot com


Saturday, the 22nd of July, 2017


Organizing Contacts

  • Luca Delucchi
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Didier Richard
  • Astrid Emde

Individual Preparation





  • GSOC support

Project Name


  • Add your self


  • Add your goal