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* Developer round table?  Other special events?
* Developer round table?  Other special events?
== Panel disussions ==
== Panel discussions ==
''Gather great speakers and innovaters''
''Gather great speakers and innovaters''

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LogoFoss4g.png The wiki is only for organizers. Please see also FOSS4G2006 website.

Workshop Sessions (Tuesday am/pm + Wednesday pm)


UNIL : Placename Number of Pcs
Amphipôle (Pol 204.2) 20+1
Amphipôle (Pol 342 / géolab) 24+1 (enough space for 48)
Amphipôle (Pol 189) 13+1 (enough space for 28)
Biophore (Bio 1928) 20+1
Amphipôle (Pol 189.1) 36+1 laptops (enough space for 48)
__ __
EPFL: Placename Number of Pcs
(GR B0 01) 38+1
(GR B0 02) 21+1
(LaSIG) 11+(1)(enough space for 18)

Each room will have a "local admin" to help workshop givers to prepare.

FOSS4G2006 LiveCD.

Some links.

Conference Sessions (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)


_________________________ ___________________
Amphimax 350 498 seets
Amphimax 351 302 seets
Amphimax 410 180 seets
Genopode C 176 seets
Amphimax 415 96 seets
Cubotron I 96 seets
Cubotron II 48 seets
Cubotron III 36 seets
_________________________ ___________________


  • A preliminary timetable will be available soon.
  • We have 8 sessions with ~122 talks
  • A talk is 30 min long (20min+10min questions and changing)

BOFs / DEMOs / Lightning Talks


What is a BOF ?

  • A meeting in which a topic of specific interest is discussed.

When are BOFs scheduled ?

  • eh oui quand ça ? just after conferences ?

How to set up a BOF ?

  • ask directly conference@foss4g2006.org (no more submission through InDiCo)
  • what duration do you plan ?
  • who are the chairs ?
  • how many participants do you expect ?

Some BOFs :

See the list of BoF already submitted.


What is a demo ?

  • Large space available with table and seets to show a demo on your PC (wifi connexion available)

When ?

  • Demo fest is scheduled on Wednesday afternoon in parallel of workshops.
  • Nonetheless, space will be available during the whole conference for on-the-fly demos.

Some demos : Submitted through InDiCo :

  • space for a couple GeoServer/GeoTools projects (cholmes@openplans.org)
  • A web based GIS solution to capturing everyday "fuzzy" geography. Mr. WATERS, Tim
  • Native, standalone Image Map Server project based on UMN Mapserver as possible ArcIMS replacement Mr. ALBARELLO, Andreas
  • GeoTracing Mr. VAN DEN BROECKE, Just
  • Geospatial Virtual Appliance - MapSnack Dr. SUMBERA, Stanislav
  • The Application of MapServer/MapScript to Map and Depict Murals in the City of Winnipeg BRUCE, Bob
  • EduCal 2 Mr. LEAHY, Michael Mr. NATHAN, Engler Dr. HALL, Brent
  • Spatial Statistics in C# using Open Source Tools Mr. LEAHY, Michael
  • EO1 GeoBliki - OGC Sensor Web Enabled Data Node Mr. CAPPELAERE, Patrice
  • CampusMapper - a light-weight internet mapping tool using MySQL, Tomcat and SVG Mr. KöBBEN, Barend
  • FIONA - SDI with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, UMN MapServer and Mapbender Ms. EMDE, Astrid
  • Mapbender - an introduction to the Mapbender project Ms. EMDE, Astrid
  • Native, standalone Image Map Server project based on UMN Mapserver as possible ArcIMS replacement Mr. ALBARELLO, Andreas
  • Flash Mapping Applications Utilizing Open Source Web Services: Two Examples Mr. CRAWFORD, Stephen
  • A web based GIS solution to capturing everyday "fuzzy" geography. Mr. WATERS, Tim
  • Enabling Users to Produce personalized Geodata Mr. TURNER, Andrew
  • uDig Demo Mr. GARNETT, Jody

Lightning Talks (LT)

What ?

  • A Lightning Talk is a 5-minute presentation on any topic of interest to the FOSS4G communities.
  • Lightning Talks will be presented back to back with strict enforcement of the 5-minute time limit.

When ?

  • Scheduled for opening plenary.

Propositions :

  • GIS and the Neogeographer, Mr. ERLE, Schuyler (submitted)
  • Growing GRASS, Mr. NETELER, Markus
  • WEBGIS : Mr. LIME, Stephen (title?)
  • GDB : (who? - P.Ramsey don't want, suggested Arnulf) (title?)
  • JFOSS4G : Mr. GARNETT, Jody (title?)
  • OSGeo's Public Geospatial Data Project, Ms. WALSH, Jo (submitted)

(synchronize with The Economic Case for Open Public Geodata Mr. ERLE, Schuyler)

Opening and Closing Plenary Activities

  • Keynote: Gary Lang (topic?)
  • Keynote: Frank Warmerdam (topic? OSGeo related, but to be non-conflicting with Gary)
  • Sol Katz Award
  • Lightening talks (discussed earlier) are scheduled for opening plenary.
  • Developer round table? Other special events?

Panel discussions

Gather great speakers and innovaters Participants :

  • Jim Westervelt
  • Erle Schuyler, confirmed
  • Frank Warmerdam, confirmed
  • Paul Ramsey
  • David McIlhagga, confirmed
  • Michael Tiemann

Moderator : Tyler Mitchell, confirmed

What topic ? How many panels ?

IRC chat and logs

Please join us :

Agenda :

More documents

Here : conference Documents & files