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Workshop Sessions (Tuesday am/pm + Wednesday pm)


UNIL : Placename Number of Pcs
Amphipôle (Pol 204.2) 20+1
Amphipôle (Pol 342 / géolab) 24+1 (enough space for 48)
Amphipôle (Pol 189) 13+1 (enough space for 28)
Biophore (Bio 1928) 20+1
Amphipôle (Pol 189.1) 36+1 laptops (enough space for 48)
__ __
EPFL: Placename Number of Pcs
(GR B0 01) 38+1
(GR B0 02) 21+1
(LaSIG) 11+(1)(enough space for 18)

Each room will have a "local admin" to help workshop givers to prepare.

Preparation will be done the day before (Monday for Tuesday and Tuesday for Wednesday).

Technical considerations


Workshop distribution in rooms depends on the success of each workshop (see Workshops allocation). Laptops can be used to adjust each room capacity. Moreover we will ask Dell if they could give us some PCs (they did it for


PCs are all using WinXP ! Few have a Suse/WinXP dual boot. No worry, we are quiet free to do what we want with all these PCs. Each PC will be cleaned before starting each workshop (ghost image), so it's ready for a install exercice for example. We can install an Ubuntu or what we want...


Conference area is largely covered with wireless, and easily accessible. And to avoid access point overload, it's planned to add some more.

For workshops, some rooms have Wireless, but not all. LAN or Wireless will be installed were it is needed. It's planned to make available a network drive (to store and share data for example).

Use of LiveCD

Use of LiveCd during workshops.

Some workshop givers has planned to work with their own LiveCD. No problem. So people coming with their laptop can use it.

FOSS4G2006 LiveCD.

Local committee is motivated to build our own FOSS4G2006 LiveCD (based on Knoppix). It could be used during workshops if needed. The purpose is also to offer it to attendees (workshops or all ?). TODO : choose a base (Knoppix) and list the tools (+version) to install.

Some links.

Workshops allocation

According current state of registration and workshop wish list (2006.06.22)

ID Title Number of registrant with priority 1
13 OSSIM and osgPlanet 1
25 How to build a Chameleon widget using JSAPI mode and AJAX techniques 1
31 Mapbender Workshop 1
36 Advanced MapGuide Open Source Development 1
45 GRASS 3D and visualization 1
49 Quantum GIS 0.8 Beginner's Workshop 1
53 GRASS GIS and external RDBMS 1
60 Advanced features in CartoWeb 1
76 Building a SDI with OpenJUMP 1
48 Power User Workshop: GRASS image processing 2
52 Introduction to GeoSpatial Collaboration using GeoServer 2
19 deegree iGeoPortal 3
35 Working with MapBuilder 3
38 MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop 3
46 Using R with FOSS4G, in particular with GRASS 3
17 Using the GeoNetwork opensource Spatial Data Catalog 4
26 Rolling Your Own Google Maps 4
59 CartoWeb for beginners 4
20 Getting Started with MapServer 5
42 GRASS GIS Beginner's Workshop 8
47 Introduction to PostGIS 10
33 MapGuide Open Source Users Workshop 12

Conference Sessions (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)


  • Amphimax 350 : 498 seets
  • Amphimax 351 : 302 seets
  • Amphimax 410 : 180 seets
  • Amphimax 415 : 96 seets

Slots capacity

Given :

  • Sessions in // : 4
  • Duration of one presentation : 40 min (including questions and room changing)
  • 9 slots for Wednesday 13th, 8 slots for Thursday 14th, 5 for Friday 15th (without open/close plenary)

Then : capacity = 88 slots maxi (82 if we need a conference room Wednesday afternoon for a workshop).

Conference papers and reviewing process

Please see : Media:FOSS4G2006_abstractsToPDF_20060626.pdf Urgent : build a reviewing committee and dispatch tracks to members

Urgent : build a reviewing committee and dispatch tracks to members

IRC chat and logs

Please join us :