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LogoFoss4g.png The wiki is only for organizers. Please see also FOSS4G2006 website.

Workshop Sessions (Tuesday am/pm + Wednesday pm)


UNIL : Placename Number of Pcs
Amphipôle (Pol 204.2) 20+1
Amphipôle (Pol 342 / géolab) 24+1 (enough space for 48)
Amphipôle (Pol 189) 13+1 (enough space for 28)
Biophore (Bio 1928) 20+1
Amphipôle (Pol 189.1) 36+1 laptops (enough space for 48)
__ __
EPFL: Placename Number of Pcs
(GR B0 01) 38+1
(GR B0 02) 21+1
(LaSIG) 11+(1)(enough space for 18)

Each room will have a "local admin" to help workshop givers to prepare.

FOSS4G2006 LiveCD.

Some links.

Conference Sessions (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)


_________________________ ___________________
Amphimax 350 498 seets
Amphimax 351 302 seets
Amphimax 410 180 seets
Genopode C 176 seets
Amphimax 415 96 seets
Cubotron I 96 seets
Cubotron II 48 seets
Cubotron III 36 seets
_________________________ ___________________


  • A preliminary timetable will be available soon.
  • We have 8 sessions with ~122 talks
  • A talk is 30 min long (20min+10min questions and changing)

BOFs / DEMOs / Lightning Talks


What is a BOF ?

  • A meeting in which a topic of specific interest is discussed.

When are BOFs scheduled ?

  • eh oui quand ça ? just after conferences ?

How to set up a BOF ?

  • ask directly (no more submission through InDiCo)
  • what duration do you plan ?
  • who are the chairs ?
  • how many participants do you expect ?

Some BOFs :

Submitted through InDiCo :

1. Binary Distribution Builders Mr. WARMERDAM, Frank

2. Towards a Web Map Tiling Standard Mr. ERLE, Schuyler

3. Public Geodata: State Collected Geographic Information is Public Property Ms. WALSH, Jo

OSGeo_at_FOSS4G2006 wiki :

4. GeoTools is 10 years old, Birthday BOF (Jody Garnett)

By mail :

5. ka-map/openLayers merging discussions (Lorenzo Becchi) -> same as 2 ?


What is a demo ?

  • Large space available with table and seets to show a demo on your PC (wifi connexion available)

When ?

  • Demo fest is scheduled on Wednesday afternoon in parallel of workshops.
  • Nonetheless, space will be available during the whole conference for on-the-fly demos.

Some demos : Submitted through InDiCo :

  • space for a couple GeoServer/GeoTools projects (
  • A web based GIS solution to capturing everyday "fuzzy" geography. Mr. WATERS, Tim
  • Native, standalone Image Map Server project based on UMN Mapserver as possible ArcIMS replacement Mr. ALBARELLO, Andreas
  • GeoTracing Mr. VAN DEN BROECKE, Just
  • Geospatial Virtual Appliance - MapSnack Dr. SUMBERA, Stanislav
  • The Application of MapServer/MapScript to Map and Depict Murals in the City of Winnipeg BRUCE, Bob
  • EduCal 2 Mr. LEAHY, Michael Mr. NATHAN, Engler Dr. HALL, Brent
  • Spatial Statistics in C# using Open Source Tools Mr. LEAHY, Michael
  • EO1 GeoBliki - OGC Sensor Web Enabled Data Node Mr. CAPPELAERE, Patrice
  • CampusMapper - a light-weight internet mapping tool using MySQL, Tomcat and SVG Mr. KöBBEN, Barend
  • FIONA - SDI with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, UMN MapServer and Mapbender Ms. EMDE, Astrid
  • Mapbender - an introduction to the Mapbender project Ms. EMDE, Astrid
  • Native, standalone Image Map Server project based on UMN Mapserver as possible ArcIMS replacement Mr. ALBARELLO, Andreas
  • Flash Mapping Applications Utilizing Open Source Web Services: Two Examples Mr. CRAWFORD, Stephen
  • A web based GIS solution to capturing everyday "fuzzy" geography. Mr. WATERS, Tim
  • Enabling Users to Produce personalized Geodata Mr. TURNER, Andrew
  • uDig Demo Mr. GARNETT, Jody

Lightning Talks

What ?

  • A Lightning Talk is a 5-minute presentation on any topic of interest to the FOSS4G communities.
  • Lightning Talks will be presented back to back with strict enforcement of the 5-minute time limit.

When ?

  • Scheduled for opening plenary.

Some lightalks :

  • GIS and the Neogeographer Mr. ERLE, Schuyler
  • GRASS : Markus Neteler confirmed (what title?)
  • WEBGIS : Steve Lime
  • GDB : Paul Ramsey
  • JFOSS :
  • OSGeo's Public Geospatial Data Project Ms. WALSH, Jo

(synchronize with The Economic Case for Open Public Geodata Mr. ERLE, Schuyler) (what about Enabling Users to Produce personalized Geodata Mr. TURNER, Andrew)

Opening and Closing Plenary Activities

  • Keynote: Gary Lang (topic?)
  • Keynote: Frank Warmerdam (topic? OSGeo related, but to be non-conflicting with Gary)
  • Sol Katz Award
  • Lightening talks (discussed earlier) are scheduled for opening plenary.
  • Developer round table? Other special events?
  • Panel disussions :

Gather great speakers and innovaters (Westervelt, Schuyler, Warmerdam, Ramsey, Venka, Mcilhagga, Tiemann) + moderator Tyler Mitchell (ask him)

IRC chat and logs

Please join us :

Agenda :

More documents

Here : conference Documents & files