FOSS4G2006 Education BOF minutes

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Education BOF at FOSS4G 2006

  • Present:
    • Ari Jolma(*+), Dan Ames(+), Helena Mitasova(*@), Ned Horning(*@), Seppo Kaitala(@), Venkatesh Raghavan(*+), Markus Neteler(*@), Pericles Nacionales(*#), Przemyslaw Bojczuk(@), Marco Ciolli(+), Teemu Kokkonen(@), Alfonso Vitti(+), Jean-Denis Giguére(#), Astrid Emde(+), Jos van Orshoven(+), Alessandro Frigeri(@), Juan Miguel Garijo(+)

(*) members (+) educator (#) student (@) researcher

  • Agenda
    • Review of edu tasks
    • Things that are going on
      • GRASS tutorial
    • Educational project
  • Things that could/should be done
    • Conference tutorials as starting points?
      • Licence?
    • Organize review of educational materials
      • Categories of materials
      • Certification criteria
    • Describe "best practices"
    • Describe levels of FOSS4G know-how required from students
      • Certification of curricula
      • what software tools
    • FOSS4G papers into a scientific journal (special issue?)
      • IJ of geoinformatics
    • Dataset
      • Educational review & various contexts
      • To be used with other software tools
      • Descriptions of what is needed for tutorials / common use cases


  • set up edu committee more as a project with
    • PSC,
    • materials with free licence developed a bit similarly as software projects develop software
    • assign subprojects to responsible persons
  • establish a monthly reporting

"Public Geodata" BOF at FOSS4G 2006

"Binary Distribution Builders" BOF at FOSS4G 2006

  • todo

"Local Chapters" BOF at FOSS4G 2006

  • todo

"Towards a Web Map Tiling Standard" BOF at FOSS4G 2006

"Web Map Client" BOF at FOSS4G 2006

"Mobile GIS" BOF at FOSS4G 2006