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The integration showcase will highlight the open source spirit of "coopetition" (cooperative competition) amongst the sponsors and exhibitors.

In order to ensure everything works "as planned" on the show floor, the integration showcase will be set up and running live on the internet well in advance of the conference. As each showcase participant goes "live" with their component, they must register it on this page, so that other participants can hook it into their own demonstrations. Low-level components, such as databases and mapping services, must go live first.

The coordinator for the showcase will be Justin Deoliveira, of the Open Planning Project. He will be contacting exhibitors and sponsors to make them aware of the showcase and how to participate.



The goal for this conference is to utilize only publicly available geodata.

Initiated by the OSgeo Public Geospatial Data Committee, there is an effort underway to obtain copies of "local" (to Victoria, B.C.) public datasets, and to load that data onto the server that will be used for the integration showcase. An added benefit of having the integration showcase server available on the Internet ahead of the conference, and available locally during the conference, is that presenters of Workshops and Labs can make use of the same data and services for their conference contributions.

The tracking of the public datasets is being done via the Canadian Geodata wiki page.

PostGIS Database : Refractions Research

A PostGIS database containing the vector data will be put online by Refractions Research as soon as possible, and access provided to the integration showcase participants.

Contact: Paul Ramsey <>

Mapbender : The WhereGroup

The WhereGroup will use the online OSGeo Mapbender instance at to build a catalog, interface, OGC capabilities cache, security proxy and web mapping interfaces to use the other IntegrationShowcase components in an unknown beast called spatial data infrastructure.


MapGuide Open Source : Autodesk / DM Solutions

Autodesk will host a MapGuide Open Source application featuring a FUSION based web interface created by DM Solutions. This will showcase the web-based GIS capabilities of MapGuide with a FUSION interface, MapGuide's direct support for Google Earth, and OGC WMS and WFS web services.


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