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Scratchpad for ideas for OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G

Venue Info

  • OSGeo will be in the main exhibition hall, in a double sized booth that faces the rear of the hall (where some of the food/beverages will be).
  • The space immediately in front is emtpy and is the same size as the double booth. It will be clearer once I get a diagram together, but it could be used for a lounge or stands, etc. as well.
  • We have booth spaces 16, 17, 18, 19 - with the general idea that 17/18 are not normal booths but mostly open space covering a 16x20 foot area

Foss4g booth.png

Random Ideas

  • Local chapter space ?
  • emphasize joining committees, etc. ?
  • show many demos ?
  • develop a mini-park in same spirit as OSGeo open source park at InterGeo ?
  • help promote non-software projects/ideas, ie. host local data and interop demo (discuss with conf. committee) ?
  • split booth between basic organisational info and software demos ?

Things already planned

  • John Graham will bring a small OptIPortal set up (2x3 displays, approx. 14 megapixels), with interactive 3d controller
  • X number of software demo stations

Volunteers to help

  • mpg
  • DCM
  • Mateusz Loskot
  • Tyler Mitchell - I'm also doing the coordination with the conference centre to set up and order equipment, etc.
  • Add your name here...

Issues / TODO

  • Line up demonstrations
  • Engage committees and local chapters
  • Provide space for discussion

Layout Ideas

Here are two potential layouts for the booth space. The first one is nicer because it leaves more open space without blocking people into the booth space. The following layout is more enclosed but allows more people from the aisles to see the video screen. Included in both designs are informal seating, pedestal tables and literature racks.

Osgeo booth foss4g v2.jpg Osgeo booth foss4g v1.jpg