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The following eduCom members are planning to be at the FOSS4G2007 meeting in Victoria, BC. If you are planning to be there, and are not listed below, please add yourself. The plan is for eduCom members to meet in person, get to know each other, and hold a BOF/SIG type meeting somewhere/sometime in conjunction with the conference. Please use this page to plan out a location/time. Maybe one of the locals can help choose a conducive place.

Meeting time(s):

Tuesday Sept 25 17:00-18:30, Bird's of a Feather Meeting.

Meeting agenda: I've created a very short initial meeting agenda on the BOF page at []. Others - please add your ideas to the agenda. If we feel like we need it, we might consider holding a second BOF meeting on Wed.

BOF location: TBD. I'm (CS) not sure how rooms get assigned. Let's plan to meet quickly as a group immediately after the Damian Conway talk in the morning on Tuesday (11-12pm) up near the podium area to finalize the meeting location for later that day.