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[[Category:Code Sprints]]
[[Category:Code Sprints]]

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Date and Organizing Contacts

Date: Saturday 4 October 2008 We have decided to do this on the Saturday so 'sprinters' don't miss any workshops or socialising during the week.

Venue: Cape Town City Council offices

Organising Contact: Tim Sutton

Contact Email: tim@linfiniti.com


Read the sections below which provide some background. If you would like to hold a code sprint, add your name (as coordinator) and project name below, then create a detailed project sprint section below. The project sprint section should include some or all of the following details:

  • Attending - a list of people who plan to attend
  • Goals - a brief list of the things you hope to achieve and plan to work on during your sprint session
  • Preparation (optional) - a list of items that should be taken care of before the code sprint so that the appropriate groundwork is in place
  • Out of scope (optional) - items that will not be in scope for the sprint session

If you are planning to attend the code sprint, please add your name to the relevant project sprint section below.

All sprint attendees it will be a good idea to subscribe to this page by ticking the 'watch this page' box at the bottom of the page so that you can be updated if there are any changes in arrangements.

Interested to organize a code sprint

  • Markus Neteler: GRASS GIS
  • Andrea Antonello: JGrass / uDig

Code Sprint - what's that?

A code sprint is usually organized by a group that is using an open source project and wants to see something done. They fly the developers to a single location and feed them for a couple of days with the necessities of the hacking life (internet, caffeine, electricity). The communication that happens from face to face hacking usually lasts the project for a year or more. You see this a lot in projects like Drupal etc...


RoomA.JPG RoomJ.JPG RoomG1.JPG RoomH.JPG

One or more of these rooms will be used for the code sprint depending on turn out.

Motivation and Direction

A day, a code base, and your imagination?

On the Saturday after the conference, a big room with internet connectivity, lots of tables and flip charts will be arranged. Projects can use the time and venue for organizational discussions, development roadmaps, and group resolution of thorny issues in their code bases.

Is this your First Sprint? Here is some background information to get you started:

To participate, start a section below for your project.

OSGeo Marketing


  • Jeroen Ticheler
  • Arnulf Christl


  • Optimize the new OSGeo logo vectors to be very precise and scalable.
  • Update pages with the OSGeo logo(s).




  • Hack session: fix bugs, new features
  • Maybe invite power users to get in touch?
Remote users via IRC channel

Udig / JGrass

Cross project code sprint with the JGrass and uDig projects.



To be defined...

Quantum GIS (QGIS)



  • Hack session: fix bugs, new features
  • Maybe invite power users to get in touch?
Remote users via IRC channel




  • OpenLayers 2.8 Release Planning
  • OpenLayers 3.0 Brainstorming Session


Code Sprint to integrate the SEXTANTE library with other Java-GIS projects



  • To improve GeoTools-SEXTANTE integration
  • To discuss the integration of SEXTANTE as a base element for WPS processes.
  • To introduce SEXTANTE to other projects and show them how to incorporate SEXTANTE-based processes in them

OSGeo packaging & Repo


  • Initiate the provision of an OSGeo run repo for packaging OSGeo projects & educational material
  • Tentative target platforms: Ubuntu 8.10 with a view to packages flowing into Debian Sid initially.
  • Other platforms to be supported in the future as more people resources are available
  • Support the continued development of the Live DVD.
  • Start packaging initial selection of educational material


Tim Bowden


Code Sprint to integrate the Geomajas project with other Java-GIS projects



  • To improve the contents of the website
  • To get into contact with other projects we want to integrate with
  • To share some ideas about work that can be established in common




  • To improve multilingual support (installer, documentation, GAST)
  • To add support for WPS in harvesting engine


  • Mikel Maron
  • Josh Livni


Partyserver: web service to produce party render, animated GPX videos