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[[Category: Marketing]]
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[[Category: FOSS4G2008]]
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Placeholder for organising the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2008, similar to previous year: FOSS4G2007 OSGeo Booth.

Event Contact: Tim Bowden


  • Will plan some specific times for interviewing people and having a "meet the VIP" slot


Staff name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sprint
Arnulf Christl morning afternoon morning --- whole day
Jeff McKenna --- afternoon afternoon afternoon
Markus Neteler when needed when needed when needed when needed ---
yjacolin No No morning then 15h00-18h00 morning
tbowden Yes Yes Yes Yes Booth closed Whole day
Pls add yourself


What kind of equipment should be available?

  • Video monitor? Laptops?
  • Video camera for live feeds
  • Bandwidth? Live Demos?
  • Static demos?


What handouts will be available, who/where will they be printed?

  • Poster showing sponsors!
  • ...


What kinds of live demonstrations or recorded examples can be played at the booth? Where can they be downloaded from or who can run them?

  • ...


Other Considerations