FOSS4G2008 OSGeo Booth

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Placeholder for organising the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2008, similar to previous year: FOSS4G2007 OSGeo Booth.

Event Contact: Tim Bowden


  • Will plan some specific times for interviewing people and having a "meet the VIP" slot


Staff name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sprint
Arnulf Christl morning afternoon morning --- whole day
Jeff McKenna --- afternoon afternoon afternoon
Paolo Cavallini when needed when needed when needed when needed whole day
Markus Neteler when needed when needed when needed when needed whole day
yjacolin No No 10h00-13h00 then 15h00-18h00 morning
tbowden Yes Yes Yes Yes Booth closed Whole day
Pls add yourself


What kind of equipment should be available?

  • Video monitor? Laptops?
  • Video camera for live feeds
  • Bandwidth? Live Demos?
  • Static demos?


What handouts will be available, who/where will they be printed?

  • Poster showing sponsors!
  • ...


What kinds of live demonstrations or recorded examples can be played at the booth? Where can they be downloaded from or who can run them?

  • ...


Other Considerations