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The 2008 programme subcommittee is updating this, firstly with invited chairs, then they will ask for volunteers, who will put their names down for sessions. Currently, all the session chairs are presenting papers in the sessions to which they have been assigned, so there should not be any conflict for them with other events.

Session chairs serve as the "master of ceremonies" for one 90 minute session of presentations. Each session has four 20 minute presentations, with a 5 minute question-and-answer period after each. Chairs are expected to:

  • ensure that speakers' presentations are ready beforehand, either loaded onto the venue notebook, or running on their own notebook.
    • if presenter uses their own notebook, check projector connection (resolutions, cable, etc) before the session.
    • if presenter uses their own notebook, capture their presentation on a memory stick.
  • introduce the speakers,
  • ensure each speaker stays within his or her 25 minute combined presentations-plus-questions presentation limit,
  • ensure the next presentation starts promptly as scheduled, and
  • occasionally read off a few reminders and announcements at the end of the session.

Please add your name and email to one or more of the time slots below.

We need 5 session chairs for each time slot.

Check to ensure you are not presenting or teaching a lab during the session timeslot you are volunteering for. (FOSS4G2008 Schedule) If you have a particular room you want to chair, please note it in your entry.


Monday, 29 September 2008


Opening Plenary

Gavin Fleming


Opening Plenary

Carrin Martin

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


1-2.6a Academic track - FOSS GIS tools & components

Rob Lemmens (registered, presents in general track on Wednesday)

1-2.6b Academic track - Land classification & climate change

Karen Steenkamp (registered, does not present at FOSS4G 2008)

1-2.4a General track - Disaster Management

David Bitner

1-2.4b General track - Improving FOSS GIS cartography and map production


1-1.6 General track - Interoperability



2-2.6a Academic track - Standards & Interoperability

Antony Cooper (registered, presents in this session)

2-2.6b Working session: FOSS GIS in Government


2-2.4a General track - Case Studies

Peter Mooney

2-2.4b General track - Environment

Sam Hiatt

2-1.6 General track - Transition to FOSS

Torsten Drey


3-2.6a Academic track - Software engineering & GIS production

Peter Schmitz (registered, presents in this session)

3-2.6b Academic track - Water resource management

Marco Ciolli (registered, presents in this session)

3-2.4a General track - New FOSS Developments

Alessandro Furieri

3-2.4b General track - Government & Participatory GIS

Juan Jose Del Toro

3-1.6 General track - FOSS GIS Business



4-2.6a Academic track - Disaster management

Massimiliano Cannata (registered, presents in this session)

4-2.6b General track - Water

4-2.4a General track - Education

Lizette Rust

4-2.4b General track - Remote Sensing

Mateusz Loskot

4-1.6 General track - Web Services


Wednesday, 1 October 2008


5-2.6a Academic track - Spatial data

Paul Hasenohr (registered, presents in this session)

5-2.6b Academic track - Models, simulations and risk assessment

Peter Loewe (registered, presents in this session)

5-2.4a General track - FOSS Implementation

Andrea Antonello

5-2.4b General track - Open data

Tyler Mitchell

5-1.6 General track - New FOSS Developments

Franz-Josef Behr


6-2.6a Academic track - Collaborative GIS

Alwyn Moolman (registered, does not present at FOSS4G 2008)

6-2.6b Academic track - Environmental monitoring & wireless networking

Sarel Coetzer (registered, presents on the general track on Wednesday 13:30)

6-2.4a General track - Transition to FOSS

Ismail Wadembere

6-2.4b General track - Water & Education

Elsworth McPherson

6-1.6 General track - Case Studies

Eric Lemoine

= 13:30-15:00

7-2.6a General track - Participatory GIS

Denis Giroux

7-2.6b General track - New FOSS Developments

Jeroen Ticheler

7-2.4a General track - Government


7-2.4b General track - Health

Josh Livni

7-1.6 General track - Web & Environment

Peter Loewe


Workshops and other meetings. No session chairs required.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


8-2.6a Academic track - Health, nature conservation & biodiversity

Markus Neteler

8-2.6b Academic track - SDI

Giuseppe Conti

8-2.4a General track - Transition to FOSS

Alexander Borghuis

8-2.4b General track - Web Services

Theodor Foerster

8-1.6 General track - Interoperability

Arnulf Christl


9-2.6a Academic track - Education & Training, FOSS in corporates and government

Julian Smit - He has not registered but I assume he will be there?

9-2.6b Academic track - Web services

Jorge Gustavo Rocha

9-2.4a General track - Government

Alize Botha

9-2.4b General track Case Studies

Jeff Hamm

9-1.6 General track - New FOSS Developments

Chris Holmes


Closing Plenary

Serena Coetzee


Closing Plenary

Inge Netterberg

Examples of notices that might need to be given by session chairs

Notices: The demonstration theatre will be running throughout the coffee break in the Exhibition Hall.

Notices: Bird-of-Feather Sessions are starting in 15 minutes. Check the booking board by registration to see what BoF session are on, and what rooms they are in.

Notices: Lunch is being served on Level Two. The Poster Session is happening on Level One in the registration area. Go down and meet the poster presenters, and ask them questions. The demonstration theatre will be running throughout the lunch hour in Sidney room on Level Two.

Notices: Tonight is the reception at the museum. The reception kicks off with an IMAX showing of "Titanica" at 6pm sharp. If you are skipping the movie, feel free to get an early start on the drinks and snacks at 6:30pm. Bird-of-Feather sessions start in 15 minutes, check the notice board at registration for room assignments.

"On call"