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[[Category: Marketing]]
[[Category: Marketing]]
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[[Category: FOSS4G2011]]
[[Category: FOSS4G]]

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Placeholder for organising the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2011, similar to previous year: FOSS4G2009 OSGeo Booth.

Event Contact: Tyler Mitchell...


Official schedule on FOSS4G site posted here. All hours are flexible and not considered mandatory. Wednesday evening is the main time to target. Exhibit hall is integrated into the venue, so is never really "closed".

Summary of schedule is:

Day Hours
Tues Sep 13th 1-5pm Move in/set up during this time
Wed Sep 14th 9:30am-6pm Regular hours, sessions running, etc.
6-8pm Exhibitor Reception
Thurs Sep 15th 9:30am-6pm Regular hours
Fri Sep 16th 9:30am-1pm Regular hours
1-2:30pm Move out


Sign up for an hour or so here:

  • Arnulf Christl will be at the booth for 2h each day. Once we have several volunteers we should set up a time table to better coordinate.
  • Robert Hollingsworth I'm available for booth time on all exhibit days. Would like to see how exhibit schedule intersects (specific) presentations and other activities when setting times.
  • mpg will be attending and would be happy to do some booth duty
  • Raj Singh will help man the booth and will also have some OGC material available.
  • Massimo Di Stefano I'll be at the Sheraton starting from monday at noon, i can help spending 1h per day or more according on the needs.
  • please add yourself

Signup Schedule

Day Hours Booth Team (two each slot)...
Tues Sep 13th 1-5pm Set up - half an hour Alex, Robert (around 3pm), Epifanio, Astrid
Wed Sep 14th 9:30-11:30am Regular hours ...
11:30am-2pm Regular hours Robert ,
2-4pm Regular hours ...
4-6pm Regular hours
6-7pm (1 hour slot) Exhibitor reception Arnulf Epifanio
7-8pm (1 hour slot) Exhibitor reception ...
Thu Sep 15th 9:30-11:30am Regular hours Daniel
11:30am-2pm Regular hours Robert
2-4pm Regular hours Arnulf
4-6pm Regular hours Epifanio
Fri Sep 16th 9:30-11:30am Regular hours ...
11:30-1pm Last session Robert
1-2:30pm Move out ...


What kind of equipment should be available? How large is the booth footprint? Will internet taps be available?

Basic Booth Includes:
   8’x10’ exhibit space
   Pipe and drape, 8’ back and 3’ sides
   1 table
   2 chairs
   Wireless internet
   2 booth personnel passes
  • OSGeo booth will be double-width - so 8x20' with two tables, 4 chairs.
  • Volunteers should bring their own laptop if possible. Maybe have a larger desktop monitor there too. Or projector? (or JumboTron...)
  • Pop-up Banner: Robert Hollingsworth shipped the banner, it is available behind the black curtain at Registration
  • Consider adding 1 "discussion" pedestal table and chairs?
  • Monitor rental?


What handouts will be available, who/where will they be printed?

  • Brochures, sponsorship postcards, business info cards - Tyler/Robert shipping to GITA, will be available at event registration
  • Poster showing sponsors! - to be printed
  • ...


What kinds of live demonstrations or recorded examples can be played at the booth? Where can they be downloaded from or who can run them?

  • If there are multiple booth volunteers, therefore multiple laptops, might simplify by having canned demos/videos, manual demos, and associated data living on a server somewhere.
  • OSGeo Live - Everyone is getting a DVD or USB in their bag, so either boot from media or run in a Virtual Machine.


Review in case of updates or additions

Other Considerations