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Placeholder for organising the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2011, similar to previous year: FOSS4G2009 OSGeo Booth.

Event Contact: Tyler Mitchell...


Day Hours
Wed 14th TBD
Thurs 15th TBD
Fri 16th TBD


Sign up for an hour or so here:

  • Arnulf Christl will be at the booth for 2h each day. Once we have several volunteers we should set up a time table to better coordinate.
  • Robert Hollingsworth I'm available for booth time on all exhibit days. Would like to see how exhibit schedule intersects (specific) presentations and other activities when setting times.
  • mpg will be attending and would be happy to do some booth duty
  • please add yourself


What kind of equipment should be available? How large is the booth footprint? Will internet taps be available?

  • Volunteers should bring their own laptop if possible. Maybe have a larger desktop monitor there too. Or projector?
  • 2 large tables, 1 "discussion" pedestal table and chairs
  • 1 pop-up banner - Tyler providing
  • Hollingsworth has leftover pop-up banner from GITA conference, will bring that.


What handouts will be available, who/where will they be printed?

  • Brochures, sponsorship postcards - Tyler providing
  • Poster showing sponsors! - to be printed
  • Hollingsworth has leftover printed matter from GITA -- OSGeo business cards, 'Become a Sponsor' post cards, OSGeo brochure. And a small stack of Live DVD v4.5 (outdated by Sept.?). Plus FOSS4G posters and flyers (which really should be sent to someone BEFORE the conference..)
  • ...


What kinds of live demonstrations or recorded examples can be played at the booth? Where can they be downloaded from or who can run them?

  • If there are multiple booth volunteers, therefore multiple laptops, might simplify by having canned demos/videos, manual demos, and associated data living on a server somewhere.
  • ...


Review in case of updates or additions

Other Considerations