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  • Can you please add pieces of information about workshops (I don't see them mentioned in your proposal).

Manolo Delgado: The event will feature keynotes, roundtables, oral presentations and posters, workshops, business conferences and exhibitions fair for companies, all in one building. Besides a feast of fellowship event will be taken in a suitable place with live bands and DJs, all covered in a single charge.

  • can you please add economic details about conference

Manolo Delgado: On prices of attendees obviously have preferential rates for students and seniors so the same one for the countries of low and middle income so that you can achieve the participation of delegations from emerging countries and low income in a greater number and know the ecosystem geomatics of these countries are from America, Africa or Asia. This study that simultaneous translation of English and Spanish will be offered.


  • What are your thoughts on attracting attendees from within the South American region?

Manolo Delgado: Our commitment is that in 2018 the exchange FOSS4G be a north - south on knowledge, innovation and business in Geotecnologies for Peru and Latin America. It has contacted the OSGEO communities of Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil and other countries to participate in this event FOSS4G 2018, but first we will launch the 2017 FOSS4G LATAM.

We consider it important to encourage the participation of OSGEO Brazilian community because they are part of the economies of the BRICS and a large internal market but above all has an active community that little has participated in events OSGEO according to statistics of participation by countries of the FOSS4G.


  • Can you please provide information about security situation in your city and around the venue? Also I'd like to know whether there was any terror attack/ attempts in your city within the last 1 year. If any, please report that.

Manolo Delgado: In Peru there is no presence of international or domestic terrorism, there is no security problems or pitfalls of drug cartels or xenophobia is quite the opposite in the warmth towards foreign visitors.


  • For the benefit of those of us who are not familiar with Lima, could you give us an indication of the climate in September

Manolo Delgado: The average temperature of 26 C ° in summer, average temperature of 17 Cº in winter and in September the average temperature is 20 C °.

  • You have not clearly answered a number of the "Requirements" in your Letter namely:
   2.     Who else is on your local organizing committee (LOC)?

In the organizing committee are the following people:

  * Ragi Burhum, CEO  AmigoCloud, USA
  *    Alex Carrillo, a member of OSGEO - Peru
  *    Alfredo Pérsico, Animal Executive Líder , Animal Innovation, Perú
  *    Alanya Luis Ortega, Team Data OpenStreetMap, MapBox - Perú
  *    José Luis Quispe, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Perú
  *    Ysidro Vera Regalado, International Geographical Union - Perú
  *    Alejandro Valdivia, CEO Via Soluciones SAC, Perú
  *    Vincent Blanqué,  OrionData Internacional, Perú
   3.     What is your proposed venue? (include access to Internet, room sizes, maximum attendees)

Initially it proposed by the LCC - Lima Convention Center built by 2015 and where the most important national and international events are held in the country and in the city of Lima.

It has the following rooms sizes:

  • 13 rooms for business conference for 5 to 20 people
  • 06 exhibition halls for 100 to 200 people
  • 08 exhibition halls for 300-600 people
  • 03 exhibition halls for 750 people, which are expandable arm for fairs and stands for the fair.
  • 01 exhibition hall of 3500 people
  • 01 exhibition hall of 1,200 people

It is a 10-story building is designed for FOSS4G event and offers services of restaurants, cafes and underground car parking.

The internet service is guaranteed by having connections 10, 000 computers at the same time inside the building the Convention Center of Lima.

   4.     What are your provisional dates for the conference?

We do not want to break the tradition of the last FOSS4G so we believe that the fourth week of September 2018 is our initial proposal. The average temperature in September in Lima is 20 ° C / 68 ° F.

   5.     Early thoughts on prices of conference attendance? (indicative estimates) Perú is a middle-income country, but according to statistics from the last FOSS4G between 75% to 90% of the participants are from

high-income countries therefore wish to have greater participation of emerging and travel grants be given to low-income countries, with preference to students OSGEO community representatives from other continents, the same will apply to teachers and researchers that their exposure is deemed important and they bring to the OSGeo community. The projected price for an average of attendees as breakeven this is between 600-700 people and this gives us the cost of US $ 650 per participant and as all events are only initial estimates and references.

   6.     What is the price range and general location of your proposed accommodations?  (hotels)

Lima has hotels from 3 to 5 stars and among them totaling approximately 7,500 rooms. The benchmark prices according to our queries via web and telephone.

Hotels 3 stars Single room 100 to $ 180, depending on the services and location. Double room 120 to $ 200, depending on the services and location. 5 star Hotels Single room 200 to $ 500, depending on the services and location. Double room 250 to $ 700, depending on the services and location.

The hotels are located in the districts of San Isidro, Miraflores and San Borja between about 15 minutes to 25 minutes by taxi and 10 minutes respectively.

And there are also houses, apartments and rooms that are subscribed to the company Airbnb.

  • Are you intending to use a Professional Conference Organiser?

Manolo Delgado: we are advised by a company professional event organizer extensive experience.


  • I see, that there is a lot of experience in organizing FOSS4G-reralted and other conferences. Nevertheless I am missing your links to OSGeo and the international community.

You talk about Peru and South American connections - maybe you can outline, where you see the benefit of having the international FOSS4G community in your country? Manolo Delgado: I am a teacher of several Peruvian universities like the National University of San Marcos is the oldest in Latin America founded in 1551 and other Latin American universities in Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia who are interested in being part of this geospatial event and with the support of the IGU - International Geographical Union and AAG - AAG where there are chapters of cybercartografia and Geotecnologies where events are no less than 4,000 people annually, and manage mail contact nearly 15,000 people who participated in these events, plus there one experienciaen organize and manage national academic events, thematic workshops or being the smallest of nearly 100 people and the largest of nearly 2,000 people in the last 5 years I am part of a team of Peruvian and Latin Americans who work, we investigate various issues of geography and geotechnologies attuned to innovation and time activist of free software, open data and its proper use by all citizens in search of the good life for all of us.

  • Maybe you also can add some words about "What makes FOSS4G in Lima compelling?"

Manolo Delgado: --> see answer to CameronS question.