FOSS4G2019 Q&A Full Proposal Bucharest

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Questions Paul Ramsey

  • Your venue + AV quote is EUR66745. You use a number of different venues, have you validated that quote or is it a guesstimate? Similarly, since A/V (traditionally a significant expense) is wrapped in, is that locked down with a quote?
  • Does the AV quote include recording? If not, what are your plans for session recording?
  • You are recording exhibition revenue but don't have a budget line for variable exhibition expenses (booth, table, power, network).
  • Your venue description does not mention the exhibition area? How does that relate to the track rooms and meal rooms? Is the exhibition central, integrated with meal times, etc?
  • You have polled prior sponsors, which is well and good, but usually local non-repeating sponsors form a core part of the sponsorship budget. Do you have target local sponsors, corporate and government?
  • Can you speak to the logistics of the plenaries being in a theatre and the multi-track conference at the InterContinental?
  • Similarly with the workshops at their own venue, how does it relate to the main conference sites?