FOSS4G2020 Q&A Niagara

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Questions Mark I.:

  • What is the mission of your respective FOSS4G?
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  • What is your commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and ensuring that FOSS4G 2020 is as inclusive and as diverse as possible?
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Questions Steven F.:

  • your proposed dates are 14-19 September. These dates overlap with the start of the jewish festivals on the evening of the 18th which may prevent some potential delegates from attending. Is there any potential to change?
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  • you say "The Niagara Falls LOC has budgeted a similar registration fee schedule as Boston 2017 and estimates a modest profit” there has been a lot of discussion about making FOSS4G more affordable, do you have any thoughts on this?
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Questions Till A.:

  • I would like to stress the point about costs. (In the call we say "We hope to keep cost per participant under $650 USD for the conference (plus workshops).". As former chair I know about the difficulties FOSS4G teams have finding the right price for the conference. But can you tell something on how you are planning to enable people, who can not afford the conference fee and/or accommodation costs, to attend to your conference? Especially the hotel prices starting at 169 CAN$ seem to be quite high?)
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  • More an advice for the possible full proposal: An important part of a FOSS4G is the socializing part, it then would be great to read some words about what is planned and possible ;-)

Questions Paul R.:

  • The idea of a cross-border conference is really cool in theory, but is hard to imagine in practice... what exactly are you planning WRT siting? All in Canada, all in USA, split days? What would the border folks things about 1000 people crossing over for the day for a conference?
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