FOSS4GUK 2020 Online - Lessons Learnt

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This is a draft at the moment!


key facts about the event

Link to website

Numbers Finances and donations Speakers Geography

Tech and tools

Choice of video conferencing platform

What we looked at

What we learnt

Why we chose zoom

Tiny number of complaints, no problem on the day

Options for the future


The pros and cons

Free if you don't charge

A bit pricey for low cost tickets

OK email

Easy to capture data like permission for further FOSS4G mailing, country



Team comms

Volunteers Group, could have considered a speakers group

Seems almost everyone uses


not everyone is on twitter despite what we think

Event structure

3 streams plus coffee bar, describe how it worked

Link to programme

Hosts and co-hosts

Link to Guide

Recording and publishing

automatic recording helps

What worked

List our reflections

What didn't work

List our reflections

What would we try to do if we ran another event?