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FOSS4G Videos and Presentations online

Sydney, Australia. 7 December 2009.

FOSS4G conference presentations, videos and posters are now online, so if you missed the conference, or couldn't attend all the sessions, you now have a second chance to participate. In particular, I strongly recommend viewing Paul Ramsey's thought provoking and entertaining keynote speech, " Beyond Nerds Bearing Gifts: The Future of the Open Source Economy", .

Almost all the presentations, tutorials and workshop material has been collected, and 2/3 of the presentations were also videoed.

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About FOSS4G

FOSS4G is an international Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference, held in Sydney, Australia, 20-23 October 2009. FOSS4G offed presentations, workshops, demos, an install-fest, and a code sprint. It was presented by the world's best Developers, Policy Makers, Sponsors and Geospatial Professionals and included the latest geospatial applications, standards, government programs, business processes and case studies. Topics included mobile platforms, location based applications, crowd sourcing, cloud computing, development, spatial standards, integration of cross-agency data, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Sensor Webs, Web Processing Services, Integration of Open Source and Proprietary Software and more.

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