FOSS4G 2009 Proposed Abstracts

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This is a list of proposed abstracts to be presented at FOSS4G

The Use of Open Geospatial software in SOPAC for Data Cataloging Keleni Raqisia
A Modular Spatial-Temporal Modeling Environment for GISBrian Marchionni
HIS Desktop: A CUAHSI Application for the Consumption of Spatio-Temporal Web ServicesDaniel P. Ames
MapWindow 6.0: An Extensible Architecture for Cartographic SymbologyHarold Dunsford
Yukon Planning Atlas - Building regional capacity for land and resource managementJeff Hamm
Development of Satellite Information Management System (SIMS)Shinsuke Kodama
Collaborative Web-Based Mapping of Real-Time Sensor DataCristian Gadea
Tools for wildlife data management: evaluation of kilometric indexes of abundanceClara Tattoni
Integrating dendrochronology and FOSS4G to evaluate natural hazardsMarco Ciolli
JGrass-uDig's sense of climate changeSilvia Franceschi,Andrea Antonello,Riccardo Rigon
JGrass, present and futureAndrea Antonello,Silvia Franceschi,Riccardo Rigon
Anatomy of a digital field mapping with BeeGISAndrea Antonello,Silvia Franceschi,Mauro Dedonatis
Summary of MapServer OGC Web ServicesJeff McKenna
Oracle Spatial GeoRasterilucena
MapServer Project Status ReportDaniel Morissette and Jeff McKenna
GISVM, the ultimate tool for teaching FOSS4GRicardo Miguel Moreira de Pinho
Investment Attraction Support System using OpenSource ApplicationKwangSeop, Song
Challenges and possibilities of Mobile GIS : perspective from a developing country Nimalika
Metadata of spatial data quality: a proposal to report the positional accuracy elementMaria Antonia Brovelli
Behind the buzz of cloud computing- 52North Open Source Geoprocessing Software in the Google CloudBastian Schaeffer
Development of User Friendly MMPS(MODIS Monitoring Processing System) PrototypeSeungYub Kim
Beyond "press Ctrl-P" in web map printingJan De Moerloose
GeoServer: Past, Present, and FutureJustin Deoliveira
ebRIM interface for GeoNetwork OpenSourceHeikki Doeleman
GeoKettle: A powerful open source spatial ETL toolDr. Thierry Badard
Open source geospatial Business Intelligence in action with GeoMondrian and Spatialytics!Dr. Thierry Badard
The Definition of Open in OGC, OSGeo, and OpenStreetMapArnulf Christl
OSGeo - Globally Powering SDIsArnulf Christl
GeoServer in Production Andrea Aime
Case Study: Pollutant Release and Transfer RegistryArnulf Christl
Free and Open Source Software in a NutshellArnulf Christl
A “no-frills”, modular, work systems approach to selecting decision support software toolsFrank Kizito
Web Processing Services for Remote Sensing Data in a Grid Environment – The SARoNGS ProjectKamie Kitmitto
Drift-X WPS: An atmopsheric dispersion simulation Web-GIS platformVenkatesh Raghavan
Mixing Open Source GIS with Microsoft TechnologiesPete Smith
Open Web Processing Services for Improving Accuracy of GPS tracks using Filtering and Map-MatchingVenkatesh Raghavan
expert systems: the improvement in the accuracy of direct georeferencing Daniel ODOnohue
Quality Control of Digital Elevation ModelsThomas Knudsen
Modern Historic Tours: Location Aware Services for the Heritage Tourism Industry Joseph Reeves
Images analysis improvement by variational segmentation in GRASS GISPaolo Zatelli
Enviro: a WebGIS interface to evaluate and manage the impact of climate change at regional scaleRiccardo De Filippi
MarineMap: Participatory Marine Protected Area Design Using a Web-Based Open Source ToolChad Burt
Using cloud computing for high-availability large scale webmapping applicationsClaude Philipona
GISVM+XeniaJeremy Cothran
GeoPrisma : An Access Controlled Map GeneratorJulien-Samuel Lacroix and Stéphane Guillemette
Web GIS: from Javascript to GWTPieter De Graef
An hybrid GIS solution to manage the French gas utility networkNicolas BOZON
The geoSDI project, the Italian Civil Protection National Spatial Data InfrastructureSimone Giannecchini
GeoServer, GeoTools and GeoBatch: supporting operational Meteorology and OceanographySimone Giannecchini
How to create a web 2.0 mapping with MapFish development framework ?Cédric Moullet
Case study. or how to provide high availability web mapping solutions ?Cédric Moullet
Studio: web 2.0 mapping application generatorCédric Moullet open source and old mapsKlokan Petr Pridal
GRASS for Dam Failure RiskMassimiliano Cannata, Roberto Marzocchi
Rabbitscan - a community science challengeIan Miller
BioSIRT - A national system using Open GIS componentsIan Miller
Improving Community Safety Though Wildfire Mitigation - an Open Source Case StudyAlistair Hart
Media Mapping: Using Georeferenced Images/Audio to support Data AnalysisPhil Bartie and Simon Kingham
OpenGeo: a 'dot-org' to build the Open Geospatial WebChris Holmes
Sensor services in gvSIGC. Sánchez, M. Montesinos, F. Peñarrubia,A. Tamayo
gvSIG Mini. OSM for almost every phone.Javi Carrasco, Alberto Romeu, Miguel Montesinos
Live Demonstration of DEWSMatthias Lendholt
Flood mapping and monitoring service build entirely with FLOSS softwareVasile Craciunescu
Cloud database to store map datacaio nakashima
Maps and BI for large organizationsJules Paquette
A Campus Spatial Information System using the PostGISHyunjin
The Capacity Building Tools ‘FOSS4G’Phisan Santitamnont
Open Source GNSS Reference Server for Assisted-Global Navigation Satellite Systemsbinghao
A 3D Indoor Crowd Simulator using a spatial DBMSHyeyoung Kim
A 3D Indoor Pedestrian Simulator using a spatial DBMSChulmin Jun
Spatial and Non-Spatial Information on Flood Monitoring Ponthip Limlahapun
MIT GIS Services – Supporting GIS In A Dynamic Academic Environment Lisa Sweeney
Using open source geospatial technology in a national environmental regulatory program.Jon Soderberg
Open Access Spectral LibraryFirman Hadi
Managing Hydrodynamic Models With PHP and MySQLAndrew Goodwin
The State of PostGIS Paul Ramsey
Web Mapping Performance Shoot-outPaul Ramsey
A WebGIS for the management, use and protection of the heritage of the municipality of Orgosolo.Giuseppina Vacca
Coordinating development activities in complex environments Bob Bouvier
UML2GML schema Eclipse plug-inRafael Medeiros Sperb
FLEX/Mapserver application for the Brazilian Industrial Fishing Vessels Monitoring ProgramRafael Medeiros Sperb
Free GIS-based land suitability model for fruit trees cropping in Colombialjmartinezm
Building a web mapping application with GeoExtSebastian Benthall
Introduction to Geomajas as SDI platformDirk Frigne
Best of both worlds: Bringing advanced analytical capabilities to open source GISCarson J. Q. Farmer
Robust artificial structure detection and building detection from a single Satellite imageJyothish Soman
GISVM Server, Your Open Spatial Virtual ServerRicardo Miguel Moreira de Pinho
Secure Delegation in Geoprocessing WorkflowsBastian Schaeffer
Prioritized Geoprocessing in the context of cloud computingBastian Schaeffer
Integration of ILWIS functionality in web based Spatial Data InfrastructuresBastian Schaeffer
From Geodata to Geoinformation-52North Web Processing Service (WPS) and SEXTANTEBastian Schaeffer
Geoprocessing in the CloudsBastian Schaeffer
ZOO project : an open WPS PlatformGérald FENOY
Building a SDI massively based on OWS David Jonglez
Framework for improve Geosoftware quality using TSPi process Maria Olmos-Siliceo
How to Make a Point Cloud Rain PolygonsSchuyler Erle
The use of Open Source in Canada's National Forest Information SystemBrian Low
OpenLayers: Vector MayhemTim Schaub
Geocoder.US, reduxSchuyler Erle
Shortest path search for real road networks with pgRoutingAnton
Developing a prototype of Indoor Geo-Portal service using 3D Open Map APIsBJ Kang
Visualization of Historical Streetscapes with a Web GIS: Toshikazu SETO
3D Modelling of Individual Trees Using Full Waveform LidarSamsung Lim
Mobile Mapping for Field Data CollectionPaul Wickman
Streaming Softwood Harvesting Datastreams to Open SourceSteven Cyphers
Building community information systems with Drupal and OpenLayersCharles Burnett
Geodata and CouchDBVolker Mische
How to build a sustainable FOSS4G business organizationToru Mori
Application of SWAT for Sediment Yield Estimation in a Mountainous BasinXianfeng SONG
G3D Based Study on 3D Lane Modeling and its VisualizationZhiwei YU
A 3D visualization system for coalmine based on Ogre 3DZhiwei YU
Visualising animal movements in 'near' real timeBen Madin
nWeb, a data-driven spatial modelling softwareFlorian Mayer
Linking Open-Source SpaceSyntaxMap to GRASS GIS: an experimental developmentWen-Chieh (Jeffrey) Wang
Using Open Source Technologies to Spatially Enable AcehPatrick Fitzgerald
Implementation OGC Sensor Web Enablement supporting Local Participation in Water Resource Managementchaipat Nengcomma
Visualization of Historical Streetscapes with a Web GIS Toshikazu SETO
Spatial Data Infrastructure Components as Building Blocks for Early Warning SystemsHanko Rubach
Mapping interviews with open source technologiesChris McDowall
goGPS: a navigation software to enhance the accuracy of low cost GPS receiversEugenio Realini
GeoShield: a server side user permissions management to OGC servicesMilan Antonovic
There is no alternative to OpenLayers...?Till Adams - how to apply WebGIS techniques to the German ReinheitsgebotTill Adams
SCENZ-Grid, The implementation of a Science Collaboration and Computation EnvironmentNiels Hoffmann
Use of cloud computing in impact assessment of climate changeKwang Soo Kim
Using Open Source to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development - CHILECésar Medina
Large scale collecting and processing of vector geodata with QGIS, PostGIS and UMN MapserverMarc Jansen
Comparing apples and oranges: Uncovering the mystery of component selection in WebGIS projectsMarc Jansen
SoilNet SensorNetwork goes webTill Adams
Application of open source web-GIS mapping technology to visualize the hydro-climatic data networkJae
Getting A PulseSophia Parafina
Irrigation decision support based on a link between pyWPS and IDL/ENVI, accessing multi-temporal WCSDrapeau
Partner Management with Geography and Open Source SoftwareLaurent Pierre
Validation of Satellite Image with Ground Sensor Network based on OGC Web Services FrameworkSarawut Ninsawat
PostGIS and Oracle SpatialSimon Greener
Styling with SLD, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love XMLMike Pumphrey
A spatial and temporal analysis of New Zealand's commercial trawl and dredge data.Brent Wood
NICAMS: a spatialy enabled image analysis tool for photographic transect surveys.Brent Wood
A robust, low cost, GIS enabled data capture & management system for commercial/research vessels.Brent Wood
A Facebook Application to Share Your Weather Data by Using Sensor Web TechnologiesArne Bröring, Simon Jirka
Introducing FDO ToolboxJackie Ng
CityGML extension for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and IFCLéon van Berlo integrating BIM and GISLéon van Berlo
Development of Track Log & POI Management System using Free and Open Source SoftwareDaisuke Yoshida
LocStat, a sign-based digital location systemMark Relling
Extension to Geoserver to read ESRI Mapcaches Pär Jonsson
OCEAN Toolkit: Incorporating Local Knowledge into Marine Spatial PlanningTim Welch
The Time Series ToolboxThomas Bleier
eC4GPS: a cooperative platform for the self-calibration of GPS devicesMaria Antonia Brovelli
UWS Online GIS GeoNetwork metadata catalogueMaria Piquer-Rodriguez and Andrew Lehay
GeoServer application schema support: complex features for the massesBen Caradoc-Davies
Zonae Cogito - A decision support system for the real worldMatthew Watts
Engaging NGOs in geospatial initiatives using FOSS4G for improved development work at various scalesMarc M. Delgado
Enhancing the “P” in Participatory-GIS projects through the use of FOSS4G toolsMarc M. Delgado
Orfeo Toolbox: from satellite images to geographic informationEmmanuel Christophe
Using GeoDjango and libkml to Visualize 4-D Atmospheric CO2 Monitoring DataTyler Erickson
The GENESIS Sensor Discovery FrameworkSimon Jirka
Developing SWE Client Applications with the 52°North OX-FrameworkArne Bröring, Simon Jirka
Web Mapping with FusionMichael Adair
Proj4js - Coordinate System Transformations in the BrowserMichael Adair
Building Human Sensor Webs with 52° North SWE ImplementationsJürrens, Bröring, Everding, Jirka, Stasch
Building Custom GIS Applications using Open-Source Toolkits – A Case StudyDr. Daniel B. Koch
MapTiler: map publishing a la Google MapsKlokan Petr Pridal
Maptivism: GIS for the People!Jim Craner
Portable Wiki Map Server and Real Time Enivornmental MySQL GIS ServerStacey D. Lyle
Developing the implementing interface for agricultural decision support system using MapWinGISYong Li
Integrating OpenStreetMap, satellite imagery, and custom maps into WikipediaKatie Filbert
Road Traffic Accident Analysis Using GIS and Data Miningtafireyi
GIS in BankingPaul Zulu
Central Server for ‘Welstand’-policy Leon van Berlo
The Use of Free and Open Source Software for Spatial Data Catalog in IndonesiaGatot Pramono
Integration of Grid Service and Web Processing ServiceGao Ang
An Open Architecture for RESTful Geospatial Web Services Geoff Zeiss