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Purposes of this page

Members of the scientific committee of the FOSS4G 2009 academic track have different research interests. In order to assign papers for reviewing to an appropriate specialist in the fields each paper deals with, this page tries to gather all domains of expertise or of interest for each member of the committee.

So, members of the scientific committee, please edit the table below and add 5 to 10 keywords that summarize your expertise or your research interests.

Domains of interest

Member Expertise / research interests
Thierry Badard Geospatial BI (Business Intelligence), Spatial OLAP, spatial ETL and datawarehousing, geo-analytical tools and services, decision support, Services Oriented Architectures (SOA), geospatial web services, Location Based Services (LBS), Mobile and context-aware applications, geospatial standards
Jorge Gustavo Rocha ...
Venkatesh Raghavan ...
Maria Antonia Brovelli Cartography, Geodesy, Geospatial web services, geospatial standards, LIDAR, DTM, HR Satellites imagery, geoprocessing algorithms
Ari Jolma hydrological and environmental modeling and simulation, geospatial software development and applications, scripting languages
Frédéric Hubert Geospatial multimodal interaction, human-computer interaction (HCI), Web mapping, Web services, cartographic generalisation, multiple representation, spatial databases, Spatial OLAP, geospatial standards
Suchith Anand cartography, automated map generalization, geohydroinformatics, location based services, asset management
Tyler Erickson geostatistics, inverse modeling, geospatial web services, relational database design, decision support, remote sensing algorithm development
Serena Coetzee geospatial standards, spatial data infrastructures (SDI), address data, geocoding, Services Oriented Architectures (SOA), geospatial web services, grid computing, cloud computing, volunteered geographic information (VGI), mobile GIS applications
Dimitris Kotzinos Semantic Web, Semantics in Geographic Information (Geospatial Semantic Web), Geospatial Web Services, Service Oriented Atchitectures (SOA), Spatial Databases, Spatially Enabled Mashups, Spatially Enabled RSS, Spatial Decision Support Systems, Location Based Services (LBS), Standards
Dan Ames hydrologic modeling, terrain analysis, environmental modeling, probabalistic modeling, object oriented GIS, custom GIS software, .NET applications
Bénédicte Bucher Services Oriented Architectures (SOA), geospatial web services, styles, schema transformation and integration, user interfaces, geospatial semantic Web
Christoph Stasch Geosensor Networks, Sensor Web, SOA, geospatial web services, spatial databases, web standards
Barend Köbben Cartography, Visualization, Services Oriented Architectures (SOA), geospatial web services
Cyril de Runz spatial data mining, management of uncertainty, data visualization, image processing,
Vlad Tanasescu knowledge representation, geotagging, geospatial web services, geospatial semantic web, Web maps
Johannes Brauner Geoprocessing, WPS, SDSS, geospatial web services, spatial data infrastructures, standards, SOA, interoperability, testbeds
Charlie Schweik GIS education, GIS and public policy, Web 2.0-based collaboration, web services, GIS in government
Mike Jackson SDI, LBS, geospatial standards and interoperability, test-beds, ubiquitous positioning.
William Cartwright ...
Jochen Albrecht spatial and spatio-temporal analysis, spatial similarity measures, dynamic modeling (formalization, flux ontologies, model libraries), work flow management
Guy Johnson Geospatial Technology, GIS education, Web collaboration, web services
François Pinet ...
Lars Bodum geovisulization, 3D geoinfo, city models, sdi, spatial planning app., geospatial standards
Philip James Grid and GI, geo-processing architectures (web services), Earth System's application of Geo (transport, climate, water, the environment), Education (tertiary), geospatial standards
Oliver Shine earth observation systems, OGC web services (CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS, SOS), spatial data management, geoprocessing for environmental decision making, geo ICT, SDI, INSPIRE
Mark Ware ...
Simon Abele ...
Clara Tattoni GIS, wildlife management, wildlife modelling, ecology, landscape change, decision support, forestry, education
Hans-Jörg Stark Volunteered Geographic Information, Open Geo-data, GIS education, business geography, Web 2.0-based collaboration, web mapping
Sandro Bimonte OLAP, Spatial OLAP, data warehouse, spatial data warehouse, GIS, spatial database, visual language for GIS
Theodor Foerster Geoprocessing, standards, web services, SOA, WPS, generalization, web mapping
Eric Wolf Automated generalization, critical cartography, spatial data infrastructures, kite aerial photography, cartograms
Sidonie Christophe cartography, cartographic knowledge, styles, map design, webmapping, GIS, perception
Carson Farmer geocomputation, spatial interaction/choice modelling, GIS, spatial statistics, cartography, travel-to-work
Didier Leibovici Spatial Data Mining, Spatial pattern & interactions, multiscale data, uncertainty, integrated modelling, interoperability, environmental & epidemiological applications
Erwan Bocher ...
Hervé Parmentier ...
Olivier Ertz webmapping, thematic mapping, cartography, OGC interoperability (WMS, WFS, WPS, portrayal interoperabilty, Symbology Encoding, SLD), Geospatial Web, Web and Desktop convergence, Collaborative Mapping
Stefan Steiniger cartography, automated map generalization, pattern recognition, machine learning, cognition and perception, web (processing) services, general desktop GIS software developments, landscape ecology, GIS in education, geodesy
Bruce Ralston GIS Education, internet GIS, transportation, thematic mapping, optimization models, census data, mathematical optimization
brandon whitehead spatial analysis, geostatistics, geovisualization, knowledge representation, e-research / e-science
Stefanie Andrae volunteered geography, neogeography, personalized LBS, OGC web services (WMS, WFS, WCS, SOS), spatial databases
Harald Schernthanner Geoprocessing, image processing, remote sensing, OS GIS in higher education
Rita Engemaier cartography & geovisualisation, multimedia design, web-mapping, cartographic animation, atlasinformation systems, OSS in higher education
Georg Gartner cartography, LBS, web mapping
Artur Seara (GESLIG) Cartography, Photogrammetry, Remote sensing, Cadastre, GIS, webmapping
Robert Feick spatial decision support, multi criteria analysis, collaborative GIS, volunteered geographic information, spatial Web 2.0 applications
Bernd Resch embedded geo-sensing, open standards for sensor webs, real-time data integration, web-based data analysis (incl. OGC WPS), (geo-)web services and standards
Marco Ciolli Forest management and planning, Forest ecology, Tropical ecology, Dendrochronology, Landscape change, GIS in Forestry and ecology, FOSS in all education levels.
Paolo Zatelli Signal and image processing, cartography, geodesy, geospatial web services, GIS software development, GIS education.
Massimiliano Cannata Geographical Information Systems, Geographical Web Services and applications, risk assessment and environmental modeling.