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There are a number tasks at the conference where we will need extra hands. If you expect that you will be able to help out at times during the conference, then please add you name against the specific tasks here. If you are volunteering, please share your contact details with the coordinator.


Presentation Coordinators

Presentation Coordinators are required to provide the following duties:

  • Be in your designated room 10-15 minutes prior to the first presentation beginning.
  • Ensure that each presentation does not go over the allotted time: 30 minutes including time for questions and hand over.
  • Introduce each presentation to the audience - Presenters name, organisation and presentation title is sufficient
  • Provide subtle guidance to the presenter when they have 5 minutes left of their alloted time slot.
  • Have on hand a phone and the Arinex contact details for any AV assistance/requirements

Date Time Slot Parkside Auditorium Parkside 110A Parkside G02 Parkside G03 Parkside G04
21/10/2009 11:00-12:00 Geoff Zeiss
21/10/2009 13:00-14:30 Tutorial
21/10/2009 15:00-16:30 Tutorial
22/10/2009 10:30-12:00 Tutorial Tutorial
22/10/2009 13:00-14:30 Simon Hope Tutorial Tutorial
22/10/2009 15:00-16:30 Tutorial Tutorial
23/10/2009 08:30-10:00 Tutorial Tutorial
23/10/2009 10:30-12:00 Tutorial Tutorial
23/10/2009 13:00-14:30

General Dogs-Body

"I'll do anything, anywhere, anytime, so long as I still get to see all the presentations."

Activity organisors will be calling on these people as we get closer to the event.


  • Simon O'Keefe
  • .

Stuffing Conference delegate bags

When: Probably Sunday 18 October, before the conference.

Where: TBD

Coordinator: TBD


  • David Jonglez (confirmation one month before event).

Workshop tear down

We need to move computers after the workshops to make way for the Installfest.

When: Tuesday 20 October, after the workshops.

Where: In workshop rooms.

Coordinator: Mark Leslie


  • Simon O'Keefe
  • .