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! width="400"|Wednesday 08
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During the FOSS4G2010 conference in Barcelona, Spain, there will be conference rooms available for people to hold Breakout Sessions (aka Birds-of-a-Feather).

Breakout Sessions sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self-organise themselves to discuss topics of interest.

This year, Breakout Sessions sessions will be held on Wednesday 8th September (and possibly at other times as well - depending on interest). A number of rooms will be available. Most popular sessions will get bigger rooms.

Room allocation to be determined

Organising Contact

Timeslots Available

At this stage, each room is scheduled for one hour between 18:00 to 19:00.

Remember the Gala Dinner is scheduled at 20:00.

Room Assignments

Rooms Available

Room Wednesday 08 Contact
Room 3 (150 pax)
Room 4 (75 pax)
Room 5 (250 pax)
Room 6 (320 pax)
Room 8 (100 pax)
Room 11 (78 pax)
Room 12 (90 pax)

Proposed Topics

  • Add yours below...

Spatial Databases BoF

Relational and non-relational persistence layers, let's get together and talk about interoperability, appropriate use cases, architecture and where we should be moving the spatial persistence state-of-the-art!


  • Paul Ramsey (PostGIS)


Several presentation on Web Processing selected for presentation at FOSS4G2010 indicates a growing interest amongst the communities.

If you are interested please add your names below...

Who's coming:

Sensor Web BoF

The use of Sensor Web implementations has constantly increased during the last years.

If you are interested please add your names below...

Who's coming: