FOSS4G 2010 Code Sprint

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Organizing Contacts

  • Wladimir, Enric Rodellas

Code Sprint - what's that?

A code sprint is usually organized by a group that is using an open source project and wants to see something done. They fly the developers to a single location and feed them for a couple of days with the necessities of the hacking life (internet, caffeine, electricity). The communication that happens from face to face hacking usually lasts the project for a year or more. You see this a lot in projects like Drupal etc...


For map and more details see

More than 100 attendees are expected!

Motivation and Direction

A day, a code base, and your imagination?

Projects can use the time and venue for organizational discussions, development roadmaps, and group resolution of thorny issues in their code bases.

Is this your First Sprint? Here is some background information to get you started:

Summary of Workgroups

List of Workgroups here, more info follows...

  • workgroup 1
  • workgroup 2


To participate, copy a project skeleton and start a section below for your project.



  • Name of coordinator


  • Person 1
  • Person 2


  • Goal 1
    • Subgoal 1.1
  • Goal 2

Describe goals ...