FOSS4G 2010 Community Release 1

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your project at FOSS4G!

Hi all, from my analysis of the webstats and registration form, having link to on project pages is more important then any Media Sponsors we can ask for.

I'm including those who have already done so, just to say thanks! It is really helping drive traffic to our pages!!!

Please consider adding the logo and some text encouraging your site visitors to attend, if you haven't already. This is a good way to show a corporate image respect to OSGeo and FOSS4G.

here is the current status:

Web Mapping

   * deegree -> NO
   * geomajas -> YES
   * GeoServer -> YES
   * Mapbender -> YES
   * MapBuilder -> NO
   * MapFish -> YES
   * MapGuide Open Source -> NO
   * MapServer -> YES
   * OpenLayers -> NO

Desktop Applications

   * OSSIM -> YES
   * Quantum GIS -> YES
   * gvSIG -> YES

Geospatial Libraries

   * FDO -> YES
   * GDAL/OGR -> YES (including a nice text [1])
   * GEOS -> YES
   * GeoTools -> YES
   * MetaCRS -> NO
   * PostGIS -> YES

Metadata Catalog

   * GeoNetwork -> YES

If you are in the community of one of the project that aren't showing the FOSS4G logo yet, please ask the leaders.

If you have a blog or a personal site please add a comment and our logo [2].

best regards Lorenzo

[1] "FOSS4G 2010 <> is the leading annual conference for free and open source geospatial software. It will include workshops and presentations related to GDAL/OGR, and some of the GDAL/OGR development community will be attending. It is /the/ event for those interested in GDAL/OGR, other FOSS geospatial technologies and the community around them."