FOSS4G 2010 Lessons Learned

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communication inside the organization

every LOC is different and it's not easy to establish the connection between OSGeo Board, the Conf Com and the LOC. It's curious how, even if we all want to help each others, it's so easy to get into misunderstandings. The Chair has a key role to make this process smoother and bridge between these groups.

suggestion: don't sub-estimate the difficulties that can arise from the LOC and the OSGeo communities. Keep supporting an open minded approach.

web platform

public website

The home page of the conference and all the contents to show to the public can be easily made in pure HTML (little php can help). Check other events websites.

abstracts platform

this can be the real PITA. As far we've seen there's not yet a good open source platform for this and the one from our conference company is nice to see but not even sufficient in terms of bugs, usability, features.



  • don't wait for sponsors knocking at your door.
  • avoid mass e-mailing to potential sponsors.
  • prepare one-to-one e-mails to justify their involvement and offer support even to download a manual that's so easy to do. Let them feel comfortable.

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