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IRC meetings at #foss4g channel, irc.freenode.net

Next IRC meeting

Not set.


  • (add...)

3rd IRC meeting

May 27 2010, 1600 UTC


  • Live USB:
    • An OSGeo Live DVD (or USB) will be handed out to every delegate at FOSS4G, and can be used either from the DVD or as a pre-installed Virtual Machine for workshops.
    • The LiveDVD team would like to know how we can help workshop presenters make use of the LiveDVD.
    • Do you want training material on the DVD?
    • Do you want to set up specific examples?
  • Local (Catalan) Geodataset.

Decisions made

Not much.

  • No LiveDVD people in the meeting. Try to set the next meeting in an hour suitable for australians to attend.
  • Local (catalan) Geodataset still not available. Ivan Sanchez will try with spanish IGN data.


http://logs.qgis.org/foss4g/%23foss4g.2010-05-27.log (till 08:54:24)

2nd IRC meeting

Apr. 29 2010, 1600 UTC


  • LOC decision on budget for printed materials (tutorials).
  • FTP Accounts. Status.
  • Local geodata & volunteers. Status.

Decisions made

  • FTP access: 63 Gb available. Folders there now for each workshop, with a 'data', 'printing', and 'software' folder in each. Connection params will be sent to presenters.
  • Jeff & Oscar will prepare a doc w/instructions and system details (vgr network drive paths, admin access) for presenters, and distribute it on May 10.
  • Will not provide printed materials for Tutorials. But will facilitate FTP access to upload docs, that will be linked from 2010.foss4g.org. Deadline for tutorial materials, same as workshops: July 7.
  • There will be 7 volunteers at workshops, preferently local students.
  • Local geodata: Just made a call in OSGeo-es and Barcelona lists. If no one takes this task, we will forget it.
  • Next IRC session in three weeks (2 may), same hour, same place.



1st IRC meeting

Apr. 22 2010, 1400 UTC


As Jeff suggested, we will try to fix a calendar for the next important steps:

  • Plan for a deadline for presenters to provide full software requirements (versions etc)
  • Deadline for submitting materials
  • Plan for the machine setup

Decisions made

  • Make a wiki page to track all of the meetings (this one).
  • Create OSGeo FTP account, where instructors will put materials. One folder each workshop, with three subfolders: software; install and testing instructions; print materials. (Jeff McKenna's task).
  • Deadline for software and materials: 5th July. (August is specially improductive @ Spain).
  • Virtualbox client will be installed in all computers.
  • LOC should be aware that there's a need for 1 volunteer per classroom (access control, materials delivery), and handy technicians from the university during workshops.
  • LOC should decide on budget for tutorial printed materials.
  • Tutorials as hands-on experiences, with participants bringing their own laptop/netbook, don't succeed. It is better that tutorials are conceived as extended presentations, that can be followed without the software running in own's machine.
  • Oscar Fonts proposal: Try to use local geodatasets. Local volunteers are needed. Make a call @OSGeo-es and see.
  • Next meeting will be in a week +2 hours, so Eastern Canada people can participate.