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** project sponsorship to support sprint?
** project sponsorship to support sprint?
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MaspServer FOSS4G 2011 Sprint

The following notes were taken from a MapServer meeting during the FOSS4G 2011 Code Sprint.


Meeting Notes

  • Roger André joins docs
  • Color Ramping
    • docs will be done in trunk by Roger
    • issue with legends
    • caveat at top of doc... experimental feature
  • FrankW: Projection AUTO
    • clarify RFC
  • DUMP TRUE no longer required in 6.0 for WFS/WCS
    • doc issue ... obsolete since we have ows_enable_request metadata
  • Vector Field
    • RFC
  • Text spacing
    • Phil Anzel will file ticket
    • Thomas to look into it
  • OWS Dispatch cleanup
    • ready to go forward (ticket)
  • WCS GML raster output format
    • required by the OGC test suite
    • look into adding GDAL GML raster driver
  • MapServer-utils ... move to trunk
    • utils/ directory
    • sub-directory for this tool
  • .map -> .xml conversion
    •  ???
  • CSS map definition
    • summit at Google (Josh Livni)
    • Frank to try to attend...
    • use STYLES doc as base for discussion in the working group
    • approach: converter from CSS to mapfile
  • TinyOWS integration in source tree
    • Olivier to do it after 1.0 release ... end of september
    • next step
  • Docs of two new projects (MapCache + TinyOWS)
    • Jeff to look into structure -> trunk
  • SQL docs notes
    • clarify for each driver how much native SQL stuff pushed to DB server
    • Phil to draft something
  • 6.2 release = suite???
    • never officially agreed... consensus
    • When??? Aim for feature freeze around Feb Sprint
    • TODO: Daniel to write motion to list???
    • requires reasonable level of docs for 2 new components
    • TODO: Daniel to document new release numbering mechanism (for suite only or for all modules?)
  • Comments:
    • release planning slip... will this continue to happen? Hard for users to plan... move to 1 year release cycle?
    • funding for relase sprint? (help support devs travel + time)
    • project sponsorship to support sprint?