FOSS4G 2012 Meeting 2012-06-19

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Present :

From China LOC:

  • Xun Yan

From International Volunteer Group:

  • Cameron Shorter
  • Sanghee Shin
  • Tanner Lin

Date & Time:

  • June 19h, 2012  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Beijing Time



  • Xun updated the progress from LOC.
    • Regarding website issues, LOC classified the issues and sent request to mymova. LOC hope to hear the feedback from mymova by this Friday
    • Regarding PCO(Professional Conference Organizer) contract, LOC will negotiate and make conclusions with PCO this Thursday.
    • Regarding keynote speakers, Cameron sent an candidate list to LOC and waiting for confirm from LOC. Keynote speakers selection will be very important step to make things forward and hope keynote speaker selection could be completed within next week. After confirming keynote speakers, press release should be followed to increase awareness & buzz about FOSS4G 2012.
  • Suggestions from international volunteer group.
    • Sanghee proposed the Asian OSGeo special session at FOSS4G 2012 to add more Asian color to the conference and to increase the attending from Asian region. Xun will report this proposal to LOC.
    • Cameron suggested task should be accompanied by target completion date in order to chase the progress.

Pending Issues:

  • LOC's action on web site, PCO(Professional Conference Organizer), Keynote speaker selection, Asian OSGeo special session