FOSS4G 2012 Meeting 2012-06-26

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Present :

From China LOC:

  • Ang Gao
  • Xun Yan

From International Volunteer Group:

  • Cameron Shorter
  • Bo Guo
  • Tanner Lin

Date & Time:

  • June 26th, 2012  7:10 pm - 8:20 pm Beijing Time



  • Website progress?
  • Progress on selecting a conference organizer?
  • Have LOC made decisions re keynote speakers? (We need not discuss specific speakers in public until they are announced, rather that the process is moving forward)
  • Consolidating the program.
  • Refining our schedule and checklist of tasks to take us to completion


  • Ang discussed about contacting 3SNews, a PCO, for help. Ang forwarded the letter to Cameron
  • 3SNews is a media company in GIS, who recently organized this meeting:
  • We currently do not have a PCO. Ang suggested bring people from 3S News for our next meeting.
  • Ang will contact 3SNews in the morning on PCO arrangement.
  • Important functions of the conference website is still buggy or missing. Mymova fixed some bugs but could use help from for testing.
  • Tanner and Bo both volunteered to conduct test.  Bo thought changing web maintainer at this point is risky.
  • Bo recommended to have tester direct access to the developer could speed up the bug fix process.  Xun will be responsible for contacting Mymova web maintenance related issues frequently.
  • Cameron stated that need to break the project down into tasks and start active and constant management.
  • Ang indicated difficult to assign tasks to LOC members, such as responding to emails, sending invitation letters to participant for visa applications.
  • It was decided to use collaborative cloud site for tasks list maintenance.  Bo and Tanner will set it up as a start.

Wrap-up Tasks:

  • Ang on PCO
  • Tanner on mailbox management
  • Tanner and Bo on testing Skydrive
  • Bo post the task list on Skydrive
  • Xun and Tanner on website maintenance.