FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting 12th July

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Present: Mark, Suchith, Steven, Barry, Ian, Chris, Jo, Jeremy, Rollo, Claire, Matt, Antony Apols: Addy, Mike

Group members under each heading – in no particular order

1. Contracts

Chris, Claire, Steven, Jo, Jeremy

  • Chris to send draft contract to Jo to discuss with OsGeo board
  • One needed between OsGeo and Nottingham Conferences, one between OsGeo and AGI
  • Goals are for drafts to be in place by end July, signed by end Aug

2. Comms

Jo, Suchith, Antony, Rollo (after July)

  • AGI will support dissemination of outputs
  • OSGeo discussion list should be used actively
  • Keep OSGeo up to date
  • Use existing posterous site as holding site until we get eg a WordPress site up (Rollo to sort permissions for comms group)
  • Hosting should not be an issue, but need to ensure longevity
  • Some content from Denver website could be re-used
  • Jo offered husband (Barry) as resource for web design etc. – welcomed, and will be considered by group
  • Logo needs designing too – pick up from Barry R’s work

3. Programme

Antony, Jeremy, Rollo, Steven

  • AGI will support

4. Academic Track

Suchith, Mark, Barry, Addy

  • They will decide who and how for external involvement

5. Code and Workshops Mark, Matt, Ian

6. Sponsorship

Steven, Jo, Chris, Mike

  • Integrated approach to sponsorship needed with AGI
  • Coordination essential, Steven will be the hub
  • Target internationally, incl Europe, UK

7.OsGeo Outreach, Volunteers


  • Ensure resource requests/offers are centrally channelled

8. Team Information Management and Sharing

  • BaseCamp + Google Docs
  • Rollo’s company to sponsor? $20 per month

9. Actions

  • Comms group to get content developed and published asap
  • Contracts group to sort contract
  • Steven and Chris to tie down budget (incl. marquee quotes)

10. AOB

  • Mark suggests local sourcing (esp. beer) where possible. Agreed subject to discussions with suppliers/contractors
  • Jeremy encourages everyone to register for OS GIS before July 18 for Early Bird rates
  • Jo will turn this into a minute to load onto the OsGeo wiki


Start the thinking process, use the Mind Map, be prepared to present your proposals at the F2F on 6th September We aim to get the planning done in 2012 and be ready for execution in 2013....