FOSS4G 2014 Planning Meeting 12th November

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FOSS4G LOC Planning Meeting Renewable Funding November 12, 2013

== NOTE: Next meeting will be Monday November 18th @ 5:45pm at renewable Funding to follow-up on the action items below. We will meet every 2 weeks from now to the end of the year to try to make quick progress. ==

Attending: Eli, Tanya, Darrel, Percy, Matt, Molly from VTM On the phone: Eli, Rafa, Greg from CUGOS


Sponsorship topic:

  • Eli has assembled sponsor contacts from 2007, 2008*, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 (*still waiting on this one?)
  • Tanya has the sponsorship packet stuff for Eli - need to make pretty.
  • Eli recommends that we wait for our logo and visual design stuff to come along.
  • T-shirt sleeve to be included in sponsorship levels

Design Contract

  • Elizabeth to be contacted tomorrow. VTM can sign the contract.
  • The one parameter for design is that the ribbon must be included
  • folks are starting to brainstorm other branding ideas on the list - more ideas and convergence of preferences needed soon
  • Include list of the logo formats/sizes that we want - > T-shirts, banners, website, program
  • also want color palette and font specs from the designer so that we can begin to brand all of our products

VTM Milestones

  • Trisha distributed the milestone list in an email from last monday, and Molly took us through it.

You can check out a static copy of the milestone list here:

  • We agreed that Molly will go back to Travel Portland and look at getting 1000 room night agreement in place
  • Elliot center booking for Code Sprint and WhereCampPDX: block out the B block, Atrium, and option the A block
  • Consider Code Sprint vs WhereCampPDX sponsorship issues
  • Already talking with E3 webcasting about that contract
  • Call for papers system - Molly will get us some recommendations from other clients
  • Eventbrite - Molly will also make recommendations about alternatives.

Presentation Submissions

  • System needs to be ready accept submissions by Dec 15th, so that we can launch by Jan 15th
  • Check out Symposian CMS (conference ware) for the items that it covers

Academic track

  • Percy is pursuing an open source lab at PSU
  • We should reconnect with Deb Bryant and see how we can best partner with her

Christmas Bucket list

  • Percy has examples of Lenticular program cover - so awesome!
  • Mobile app for the program ??