FOSS4G 2014 Planning Meeting 14th January

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FOSS4G LOCMeeting Minutes, January 14, 2014


  • In the room: Darrell, Matt, Tanya, Eli, Percy, Beth, Molly
  • On the Phone: Schuyler, Nick, Paul R.


  • Contracts Update
  • Sponsorship Update
  • Logo Update
  • Website Update
  • Academic Track Updates
  • Gala Venue
  • Field Trips



- Convention center signed, deposit paid - Staybridge Suites signed, on TeamworkPM - Doubletree signed, on TeamworkPM

- E3 - should be signed shortly - Elliot Center - should be soon

Is done (yay!) - and we have all the variants. Will upload to teamworkPM when we get more space (need to subscribe).

Borrow and adapt this to us,


Sam and Greg have been working on the initial design and deployment. We’re thinking that initially this will be on Wordpress. We could eventually contract for more complex hosting if we decided we needed more functionality (symposian)


Sam is working fast and thinks he can have a wordpress version up super fast.

Academic Track

Percy has added Academic tasks to TeamworkPM, and assigned some of them. OCS has been installed by Darrell. Franz-Joseph has been given admin access, and has started working.

Abstracts vs. full is a topic TBD.

Also decision needed on if to use the Academic listserv for communication TBD.

Transactions in GIS is one publication point

LaTeX should be coordinated with Gary Sherman as a guest editor for the OSGeo journal

Darrell will try to set up a morning meeting with the Academic track leads for sometime soon.

Gala - for Thursday night

World Forestry center is available, and affordable. Would have to be a standing reception to accommodate enough people (700-ish) has a short list of caterers

OMSI is available but expensive (1000+ people) need to use in-house caterer

Grand Central Bowl is available but maybe too small (600 max)

Field Trips

Wm wants to do swift watch

Nick will do Timbers night out

Need to recruit others


Need a volunteer coordinator ()

need tasks to be as specific as possible.

List of tasks for volunteers (by Eli)

- Organize and sign up to staff the OSGeo booth, perhaps include the California Chapter too. PDXers will be crazy busy at that time so having other locals do the booth would rock. This would be similar to a booth at WA-URISA, have some OSGeo information, perhaps a laptop running the LiveDVD, talk with people about the open source geo-software you use on projects, ask about their projects, see which software they want to learn about.

- Join the review committee (for either the general track or the academic track).

- Join the email list (, chime in, vote on logos, see what comes across that interests you, etc.

- Marketing help - follow and retweet us (@foss4g), blog about FOSS4G, link your blog or site to ours (, pass along relevant FOSS4G information to software communities, etc

- Map/cartographic display - Organize some cartographic exhibit or display. 2013 had a map wall made of ipads which was popular ( The PNW has world class notable cartographers, perhaps recruit some as judges.

- Local tours weekend before or after. If you want to organize an optional local tour before or after (Mount St. Helens comes to mind) this would. I think that Tanya was going to contact some of the people who did NACIS side tours a few years ago.

- Bike and fun marketing videos in OSGeo shirts :)

- More will come up as we continue on

- See Nottingham lessons learned for list of titles/tasks (

other volunteer stuff: What do people want to work on? --> Bring their ideas, visions and passion also credit to Greg and Sam who are already volunteering on website which is a huge help

Video Wall

90 inch monitor or video wall of 3x3 46” monitors

Both of these options seem too expensive and hard to coordinate with OCC

  • Guaranteed inclusion in the conference (speaking spot, mention by Chair in intro, other forms?) Platinum
  • Exclusive sponsor of food event (lunch, coffee/refreshment, evening event) - these are limited
  • Placement, size, and number of banners (in conference area -- presentation rooms, plenary, main exhibit area)
  • Prominence of logo (full back page of print program, t-shirt sleeve, conference bag, lanyard, etc)
  • Size of booth - 16x20, 8x20, 8x10, 4x5?
  • Placement of booth
  • Number of passes

Sponsor Contact List report:

  • I've got the historical lists and processed to an acceptable/useable point (in TeamWork)
  • Need help brainstorming local sponsors to adding them to the list
  • Will prepare draft verbiage for individual outreach to previous gold+ sponsors
  • Action: all brainstorm local sponsors
  • Action: Eli to prepare draft outreach to previous sponsors

Media Partners

- Contacted a bunch of outlets (list in Teamwork) - Many accepted - Review basis deal:

  	 The FOSS4G event receives:
  	 - Banner ads in online magazine and e-newsletters for a minimum of two months prior to the event
  	 - Posting of all event press releases as they are released
  	 - Ongoing coverage of event highlights if the sponsor participates to FOSS4G on-site
  	 Sponsor receives:
  	 - Logo as sponsor and link to site (from sponsor page)
  	 - Recognition as sponsor in publicity material for event (Preliminary Program, Final Program, signage)
  	 - A limited number of media passes are available, and are reserved for those committed to provide coverage of the event. If planning on attending, please express your interest, and the committee will confirm three months in advance
  • Got requested for Postcards the attendee bag. Need to balance sustainability goals with effectively getting the word out. Thinking of other options like a shared Press booth.
  • Need help from Spanish and French writer
  • Action: send to list to call for help on languages
  • Need to coordinate changes/events (i.e. change logo on site, FOSS4G site, MapServer Site, Twitter, etc) <--not sure this is right place for this comment. This seems to be going ok.
  • Need some form of coordination (i.e. advance notice with a date/time that we will release it and then media outlets can follow suit)

Promotional Material report

- Been collecting video - Want more people to collect video, ideally like everyone, Darrell’s GoPro on the helmet works really well ___Need unencumbered music (Original composition and performance Percy?) ___Can we use drumming from travel Portland thing? Do Percy or others know a drummer who could just drum? Is that what we want? ___I have some video ideas but don't really know anything about editing video, Could use help making a video