FOSS4G 2014 Planning Meeting 18th November

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FOSS4G LOC Planning Meeting Renewable Funding November 18, 2013 5:45-7:30

== NOTE: Next meeting will be Monday(?) December 2nd @ 5:45pm at Renewable Funding to follow-up on the action items below. We will meet every 2 weeks from now to the end of the year. ==


  • In the room: Molly, Darrell, Reid
  • On the phone: Eli, Matt, Tanya, Neil, Greg


  • See also previous meeting notes, FOSS4G 2014 Planning Meeting 12th November
  • Platform for managing paper submissions
    • Molly presented on several options
    • We can expect 400+ submission
    • Need to check if there is existing community voting method
  • WhereCampPDX co-location with Code Sprint
    • Reid gives some background on Eliot Center and wifi provider
    • Sponsorships through FOSS4G add-on and WhereCampPDX on smaller local companies
  • GIS Day video
  • Sponsorship updates
  • logo design process
  • Hotel
  • Nottingham details coming in, FOSS4G2013_Cookbook
  • ORURISA coordination?