FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint

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Code Sprint - what's that?

A code sprint is about getting a group together to work on Open Source software, sitting around a table and sharing ideas. It's not just about writing code, as you know a project has many needs including documentation, testing, and providing feedback. What a better way to give feedback and give back to the project that you love than to spend a day with the project's developers. There are roles needed to be filled, no matter what your expertise.

With such a short timeframe (one day) you should probably use this page to set a specific goal for your project. But don't worry, if all you get done is actually sitting at the same table with the project's developers and talking about the next release, that is also great :)


All participants are welcome and you don't need to register or attend FOSS4G to attend the Code Sprint (registering here on the wiki is appreciated for planning purposes like coffee and food). Some projects will prefer attendees who have previously engaged with the project and already have a working development environment on their computer (i.e. not all project will welcome helping you set up your development environment).

Where & When


   CodeSprint I: Sun 21.08.2016 12:00 - Tue 23.08.2016 (open end)
   CodeSprint II: Sat 27.08.2016 - Sun 28.08.2016 12:00 a.m

WHERE: Bonn, Germany

What to Bring

How to get there


Registered Attendees

The Code Sprint does not cost any money. For us it makes planning easier if we know who is coming. So please leave your Name and mark the days you will come.

No Name Projects sun mon tue sat sun Accomodation
1 Astrid Emde Mapbender & Organization x x x x x other
n Copy this line and add your details your projects Basecamp/Bonnox/other





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To participate, copy this project skeleton and start a section below for your project.


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