FOSS4G 2016 Meeting minutes

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  • locality: Bonn, terrestris
  • participants: Athina (AT), Carmen (CT), Arnulf (AC), Till (TA)


  • Documentation moves to OSGeo Wiki ( Privacy related content is managed in the internal Wiki at (
  • Carmen Tawalika manages the Workshops (Thanks!). This includes:
    • Facilities
    • admin contact points,
    • Signposting
    • Transport
    • ...and many more things. See also FOSS4G_Handbook#Workshops and please update that page as you go and discover more important things.
    • Alternative facility options for workshops with a focus on good accessibility form the conference venue are currently explored.
  • Sponsorship; Hinrich gets supported by Arnulf.
  • Athina coordinates further cooperation with the UN Offices in Bonn.
  • The Marketing & Outreach team is forming around Gert-Jan van der Weijden and Marc Floemans. We still need support from the German community. We are also evaluating professional support offered by Timo Thalmann (Textkoch) and Monika Rech (Rheintext).
  • Till will contact the organizers of the BarCamp Bonn on 18. Juni. im Stadthaus Bonn at 18:00. Feel free to join.
  • We are still looking for somebody to organizes the Code Sprint. We are already evaluating different venue options but the concrete organization itself should e4ventually be managed by a dedicated person.
  • Website design will be provided courtesy of Küstenschmiede (many thanks, folks!). Development will start at the next FOSSGIS Hack Weekend end of June.
  • The website will launch three weeks prior to FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul.