FOSS4G 2016 Meeting minutes

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  • Locality: LinuxHotel Essen
  • Participating: Till A, Katja H, Carmen T, Astrid E, Olaf K, Torsten B, Volker G, Anton P, Frederik R, Athina T, Mark G, Danilo B, Arnulf C, Dominik H, Matthias E, Marco L, Oliver R.


  • Till opens the meeting and goes through the agenda.
  • Please join the list for all all planning
  • Officially tasked people can request a dedicated mail-address following this template: Please contact Till Adams.
  • Fix sponsorship levels and packages (Hinrich, Arnulf)
  • Implement Angel/Helper System. Katja Haferkorn volunteers (see FOSS4G 2016 Teams)
  • Team will evaluate whether to offer day care (also to attract.
  • Cost of regular ticket incl. Social Events (tbc) (this is a veeery conservative estimate and will definitely go down over the next 6 months).
    • Early bird: 570€
    • Regular 650€
  • FOSS4G will fit in nicely with the Bonn "GeoSummer" event chain which includes the EarSel conference in July and other interesting side events. There will be a follow-up meeting with the Bonn Event Management team on August 19 2015.
  • Engage Bonn city marketing folks to support community requirements (code sprints, meetings, mapping days, etc).
  • Chair of Bildungsurlaub: Dominik Helle


  • locality: LUXX Bonn, FOSSGIS/FOSS4G-Orga Stammtisch
  • participants: Torsten (TB), Uli (UR), Martin (MA), Danilo (DB), Anja (), n.n. (), Till (TA)


  • Till talked about state of organisation
  • discussion to move Ice Breaker from Botanical Garden to BaseCamp
    • we tend more to Base Camp because it's easier to organize
    • perhaps ask at Harmonie in Bonn-Endenich for possible alternative
  • Martin Arimont took the chair as event manager:
  • Danilo likes to assist Carmen with workshop facilities and organisation -> has to ask Carmen, if OK for her
  • Uli Rothstein thinks of taking the chair for the code sprint organisation
  • Torsten had contact to some banks and asked for conditions for a bank account
    • decision: open bank account at Volksbank
    • Till has to bring a paper from FOSSGIS
  • Till updated the chair list and added the volunteer chair
  • Till contacts former chairs for numbers of participants for
    • Code Sprint
    • Ice Breaker
    • ...?
  • All chairs need fossgis-Emails
    • Till contacts Marco again


  • locality: Bonn, terrestris
  • participants: Athina (AT), Carmen (CT), Arnulf (AC), Till (TA)


  • Documentation moves to OSGeo Wiki ( Privacy related content is managed in the internal Wiki at (
  • Carmen Tawalika manages the Workshops (Thanks!). This includes:
    • Facilities
    • admin contact points,
    • Signposting
    • Transport
    • ...and many more things. See also FOSS4G_Handbook#Workshops and please update that page as you go and discover more important things.
    • Alternative facility options for workshops with a focus on good accessibility form the conference venue are currently explored.
  • Sponsorship; Hinrich gets supported by Arnulf.
  • Athina coordinates further cooperation with the UN Offices in Bonn.
  • The Marketing & Outreach team is forming around Gert-Jan van der Weijden and Marc Floemans. We still need support from the German community. We are also evaluating professional support offered by Timo Thalmann (Textkoch) and Monika Rech (Rheintext).
  • Till will contact the organizers of the BarCamp Bonn on 18. Juni. im Stadthaus Bonn at 18:00. Feel free to join.
  • We are still looking for somebody to organizes the Code Sprint. We are already evaluating different venue options but the concrete organization itself should e4ventually be managed by a dedicated person.
  • Website design will be provided courtesy of Küstenschmiede (many thanks, folks!). Development will start at the next FOSSGIS Hack Weekend end of June.
  • The website will launch three weeks prior to FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul.