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(Main topics where chairs/heads needed)
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* '''Program Committee'''
* '''Program Committee'''
** Chair: Volker Mische
** Chair: Volker Mische
** Committee: Marco Minghini, Ela Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska
** Committee: Marco Minghini, Ela Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska, Candan Eylül Kilsedar

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Main topics where chairs/heads needed

  • Conference Chair, and Local Organizing Committee Chair
    • Till Adams

  • Program Committee
    • Chair: Volker Mische
    • Committee: Marco Minghini, Ela Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska, Candan Eylül Kilsedar

  • Academic/scientific track (AT)
    • Chair: Franz-Josef Behr, Barend Köbben, A.P. Pradeepkumar
    • Committee: Maria Antonia Brovelli, Massimiliano Cannata, Venkatesh Raghavan

  • Workshop organization
    • Carmen Tawalika
    • Danilo Bretschneider
    • Technical stuff / software: Pirmin Kalberer, Anton Popov and Marco Lechner

  • Financial Issues
    • Torsten Brassat, who helped at earlier FOSSGIS conferences offered his time for this.

  • Social-events-organizer
    • Martin Arimont,
    • frame of the social events are set, but I think we need one or two heads caring for gala event and ice breaker especially.
    • This may also include some offerings of field trips for the saturday - requested from Bonn Tourismus GmbH.

  • Sponsorship & Exhibition & * Organisation Pre-Business Day 23.8.2016
    • Hinrich Paulsen, Arnulf Christl
    • Sponsorship is a source where we can generate early income, so to start this process early is a major part. Also I guess, that most companies are planning their financial budget this year, so it is important to let them know about the possibilities of sponsoring FOSS4G.

  • Public Relations
    • Gert-Jan van der Weijden, Marc Vloemans, Codrina Ilie
    • I talked to Textkoch this FOSSGIS and he offered his help together with Monika Resch here (of course not for free :-(). Public relations work may play a major role to get many people attending our conference. So for this issues we need a group of people and also ideas on how to structure this. Klaus Greve also said, that we might talk to the public realtions office of the university first.
    • Matthias Eilers takes care of the logo and the website design
    • main page: FOSS4G_2016_PR

  • Code Sprint
    • Astrid Emde, Uli Rothstein
    • We need an organizers of the code sprint. The group cares for room, snacks and acts as contact persons for this event.

  • Scheduler
    • Uli Rothstein, Till Adams

  • Graphics and Design
    • Anton Popov

  • Technical Infrastructure
    • Oliver Rudzick
    • There are competent people from WCCB, but we definetely need a group of persons taking care of the conference technique in general.

  • Co-operation with WCCB, caterer, PCO
    • Till Adams, Conrad Seyfert (MediaCompany - PCO)

  • Co-operation with UN offices in Bonn
    • Athina Trakas

  • Volunteer Chair
    • nn
    • Coordinating volunteer work on-site and also for pre-conference preparing
    • strategy to gather as much volunteer helpers as possible

  • Homepage
    • Anja Litka, Carmen Tawalika (Content)
    • Küstenschmiede (contracted for technical support)
    • main page: FOSS4G_2016_Homepage

  • Awareness Crew
    • Volker Grescho (OLANIS GmbH)
    • Help all people at the conference but mainly solve problems between people in a fair way.
    • we need at least one more female head for the awareness crew !!!