FOSS4G 2016 Timelines

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Timelines 2016

task who done date date
Sponsorship officially opens 2015-11-13 2015-11-06
Announcement of Important dates of Call for Academic Papers/Workshops/General Presentations
official sponsorship release 2016-01-07
Website able to accept proposals/Academic Track, Workshop, General Track 2016-01-21
Send Call for Papers/Presentations/Workshops 2016-01-21
Early Sponsoring 10% discount finished 2016-01-31
Close Call for Workshops 2016-03-21
Decide and broadcast workshop selection 2016-04-08
Workshop Schedule Release 2016-04-15
Early Bird Registration Opens 2016-04-15
Academic paper submission deadline 2016-03-21
Regular Track presentation deadline 2016-03-21
Begin community voting on presentations 2016-03-28
Academic Track Review Decisions
Close community comments on presentations 2016-04-11
Preliminary program decisions made & posted 2016-05-01
Early Bird Registration Discount Ends 2016-05-08
Academic/scientific track: Decision Announcement 2016-05-15
Exhibitor Manuals distributed to all sponsors
Academic/scientific track: Revisions Due 2016-07-05
Code Sprint Basecamp 2016-08-21 12am
Code Sprint/Workshops 2016-08-22
Code Sprint/Workshops 2016-08-23
B2B Meeting 2016-08-23 ~ 11am-16pm
FOSS4G/Icebreaker 2016-08-24
FOSS4G/Bootsfahrt 2016-08-25
FOSS4G 2016-08-26
Code Sprint 2016-08-27
Code Sprint 2016-08-28 12am

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