FOSS4G 2016 Timelines

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Timelines 2016

task who private date
Announcement of Important dates of Call for Academic Papers/Workshops/General Presentations
Website able to accept proposals/Academic Track, Workshop, General Track 2016-01-21
Send Call for Papers/Presentations/Workshops 2016-01-21
Close Call for Workshops
Early bird sponsorship deadline
Decide and broadcast workshop selection
Workshop Schedule Release
Early Bird Registration Opens
Academic abstract submission deadline
Regular Track presentation deadline
Begin community voting on presentations 2016-03-28
Academic Track Review Decisions
Close community comments on presentations
Preliminary program decisions made & posted 2016-05-01
Early Bird Registration Discount Ends
Exhibitor Manuals distributed to all sponsors
Code Sprint Basecamp 2016-08-21 12:00
Code Sprint/Workshops 2016-08-22
Code Sprint/Workshops 2016-08-23
B2B Meeting 2016-08-23 ~ 11am-16pm
FOSS4G/Icebreaker 2016-08-24
FOSS4G/Bootsfahrt 2016-08-25
FOSS4G 2016-08-26
Code Sprint 2016-08-27
Code Sprint 28.08.2016-08-28 12:00

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