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|[[Andy Anderson]]
|[[Andy Anderson]]
|Amherst College;<br/>University of Massachusetts
|Amherst College;<br/>University of Massachusetts Amherst
|style="background-color:#f4cae4;" | Academic
|style="background-color:#f4cae4;" | Academic
|Academic Technology Specialist;<br/>Adjunct Assistant Professor in Environmental Conservation
|Academic Technology Specialist;<br/>Adjunct Assistant Professor in Environmental Conservation

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FOSS4G 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Go to the official FOSS4G 2017 event page.

Initial Proposal

Download the proposal PDF: https://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/foss4g/proposals/2017/FOSS4G2017_proposal_Boston.pdf

Local Organizing Committee

Name Organization Sector Title Location Role
Andy Anderson Amherst College;
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Academic Academic Technology Specialist;
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Environmental Conservation
Amherst, Massachusetts Chair of Program Subcommittee
Giovanni Zambotti Harvard University Academic GIS Specialist Greater Boston
Patrick Florance Tufts University Academic Associate Director of Geospatial Technology Greater Boston
Chris Barnett Tufts University Academic Geospatial Developer Greater Boston
Guido Stein AvidGeo & Applied Geographics, Inc. Community Founder & GIS Analyst Greater Boston Co-Chair of FOSS4G Boston 2017
Mike Foster Maptime Boston & MIT Community Community Organizer & GIS Specialist Greater Boston Chair of Workshop Subcommittee
Aleda Freeman MassGIS/MassIT/Commonwealth of Massachusetts Government Web Mapping Services Manager Greater Boston Chair of Extracurricular Subcommittee; Member Program Subcommittee
Christian Jacqz MassGIS/MassIT/Commonwealth of Massachusetts Government Former Director of MassGIS Greater Boston Member Program Subcommittee
Carolyn Bennett Boston Redevelopment Authority Government GIS Manager Greater Boston
Michael Terner Applied Geographics, Inc. Private Executive Vice President Greater Boston Chair of FOSS4G Boston 2017
Will Mitchell NBT Solutions, LLC Private Principal Portland, Maine On Sponsor Committee

Community Committee

Past Activities

Logo Contest

Program Related

Scientific Committee

Helena Mitasova 
terrain modeling, visualization, GRASS GIS
Maria Brovelli
Venkatesh Raghavan
Andy Anderson, Amherst College & University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Demographics, Environmental Systems, Programming, Education
Mohammed Zia 
GIS, Web GIS, Vehicle-Routing, Programming, Remote Sensing, Geology
Marco Minghini 
Volunteered Geographic Information, OpenStreetMap, Land Use/Cover, Education
Darshana Rawal 
Web GIS, GIS, Programming, Geomarketing ,Disaster Management, LBS
Charlie Schweik, University of Massachusetts Amherst 
VGI, Land Use/Cover, Commons-based Peer Production in Open Geospatial, Education
Kalum Priyanath Udagepola 
Digital Globe, GIS Education, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), Geospatial BI, Decision Support Systems, Spatial Data Visualization, Remote Sensing, Land Surveying
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Lessons Learned