FOSS4G 2020 Bid Process

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  • FOSS4G 2020 will most likely be held in North America.
  • "Letters of Intent" will be accepted from potential Local Organizing Committees (LOC) from North America. If there are no submissions from groups in North America, letters from other regions will then be solicited.
  • Regardless whether one or more letter(s) of intent are received, the Conference Committee members will vote. The vote procedure for 2020 is as follows: Every member of CC votes on every LoI. LoI's that receive more than 50% of "thumbs up"-votes will pass stage 1.
  • Selected letters will be invited to prepare a full bid based on the usual RFP process.
  • A proposal outlining budget, potential sponsors, LOC members, and venue costs will be required, even if only one letter is received.
  • Based on experiences from the past years, we would like to stress the following tasks:
    • OSGeo anticiates a Travel Grant program. For this there is a budget from OSGeo, but we expect the bidder to further collect money for TGP and to offer free or at least reduced passes for grantees.
    • The bid should stress the alignment with OSGeo values as given in OSGeo's CoC and contain hints on a conference CoC

Summary of Important Dates (AoE)

Release RFP: 2018 September 14.
Letters of Intent (Stage 1) due: 2018 October 5.
Stage 1 question period: 2018 October 6. to 2018 October 12.
Stage 1 decision: 2018 October 19.
Proposals (Stage 2) due: 2018 November 23.
Stage 2 question period: 2018 November 24. to 2018 December 05.
Voting Period: 2018 December 06. to December 12.
Selection of host city announced 2018 December 19.

Letters of Intent

  • Accepted until October 5, 2018
  • Limited to two pages
  • Read the RFP document (below) and answer the following questions:
    • Who is your conference chair?
    • Who else is on your LOC?
    • What is your venue?
    • What makes FOSS4G in your proposed location compelling?

RFP Documents

  • RFP containing updated process (RFP)
  • Budget template (file)

Letter of Intent Review

  • Questions will be asked of LOCs on conference_dev 2018 October 6 to 2018 October 12 - be prepared to answer the questions ASAP!
  • Conference committee will vote and results announced on 2018 October 19.
    • Letters with more than 50% thumbs up will be passed on to the proposal stage.
    • If there are no qualified letters from the priority region, then additional regions will be considered or solicited.

Stage One

Bid Process Stage One

Dear Voting Members of OSGeo's Conference Committee,

I know, it's still some time left today, but as I am on my way back from Barcelona home tomorrow, I herewith send out the call on voting on the three fantastic LoI's for hosting FOSS4G 2020, that we received. Due to our timetable in [1] the voting period on the LoI's lasts from 13th to 18th of October (last possible time).

So please send your votes to:

Arnulf Christl and Cameron Shorter

The voting mechanism for stage 1 is as follows: Please vote on every single LoI with one thumb up / thumb down each and send your *three* votes to the two guys mentioned above - no of the mails to me, neither CC, nor BCC.

Your Email can look as follows:

Halifax +1

Calgary +1

Niagara Falls +1

(Of course only in case, that you vote *thumbs up* for all tree ;-). BTW: A vote against can be a "-1" and this is not comparable with the "-1" we know from OSgeo discussions, because here it does not require any reason and/or alternative, it just means "thumb down".... )

Please find all relevant information on the WIKI [1]. The teams that receive more +1's than -1's LoI's will pass stage 1.

I hope, that ALL of us will send their voting emails to Arnulf and Cameron before the last possibe time on 18th of October 2018 passed - as said, we need a strong quorum, especially when there are three teams from one country bidding for the same conference.

Regards, Till


List of voters for Stage One

  • Eli Adam
  • Till Adams
  • Peter Batty
  • David Bitner
  • Maria Brovelli
  • Vasile Craciunescu
  • Steven Feldman
  • Gavin Fleming
  • Darrell Fuhriman
  • Claude Philipona
  • Venkatesh Raghavan
  • Paul Ramsey -> member of Calgary LOC
  • Sanghee Shin
  • Guido Stein
  • Michael Terner
  • Msilikale Msilanga
  • Mark Iliffle

Result for Stage One

Halifax and Calgary were selected to move to stage two.

Proposals were received from the following local committees:


We, OSGeo's CC, advise the board to select *Calgary* as the winning team. Email list announcement with CRO confirmation and the other CRO confirmation.