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FOSS4G Europe in Como, July 16, 2015 Summary notes

Participants: BOF_signup_list

+ Geo4All What would you like to see Geo4All in 5 years the context of educational collaboration?. + Geo4All what we need to do together + Geo4All what can we do this year to move forward? + Geo4All what can everyone of us do this year?


OSGeo Educational Content Inventory -> We can put anything we can do. We can choose language.¡ and search for language.

What is education? Education is broad, including science.

Where we can we be in 2020?

\section{Vision in 5 years}

-> To have a curriculum for a geoacademy. An online curriculum "buffet". EU Datasets, cases (problems like how many cases would be flowded). To mark what you need and say what you need for students. The Geoacademy course should be matched with the Geo Body of knowledge. An example could be Geotech The BOK is also there

-> To have a BOK syllabus. A flag for the level and other flag for the topic. You can see even the overlaps.

-> We should have to an skill inventory, and educator picks skills to want to teach.

-> We should have to know also the target of the material. But at the end we should look at the material. To put the materials into the database. The question is "Who will use the database and which should have to be the output"?

-> It seams that the BOK stops at GIS and has nothing about the web.

-> It is interesting how people is using MOOCs.

-> But to build a curriculum is the role of the universtity. 

-> The role of industry should have to be taken into account. This can create internships oportunities: firms, agencies. We can help industry to use open source GIS. -> Service learning in classes.

-> Important to get symple: what what we need to define materials?

\section{Next Year} - Dataset sharing (Lene) - Hackfest - Jupiter system: can we develop a Jupiter infraestructure? - Maybe to create several MOOC. Coursera for example allows to create several levels. - Regional lists: they should have to be revised next year. We should be for a more regional initiatives or for a more global initiative? - In Seoul it will be seen Geo4All in other parts of the world.

It is important to note that if someone does not agree with what has been decided, can say it.