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FOSS4G-Europe (Free and Open Source Software 4 Geospatial in Europe) is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide a community event for open software and open data, developers and users, projects and project supporting companies, agencies using free and open software and data, dito for researchers short: all engaged with and interested in open source and data in whatever way.

The conference will take place at Jacobs University, Northern Germany.

Greetings to our sister events, FOSDEM (general FOSS, while FOSS4G-Europe focuses on geospatial) and FOSSGIS (focusing on German-speaking communty, while FOSS4G-Europe is the Europe-wide event, emerging from two tremendously successful FOSS4G-CEEs in Prague and Bucuresti).


Interested in participating?

Please write your name (best with link to OSGeo profile) here, and any useful information (time availability, material you can bring, languages you speak)

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