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2019 Logo Entries

For details on the contest, please go to the contest page.

Entries to be added below in the same format as the example:

Example Winning Entry from 2018 ('Globe Globe' by Pete King)

-- Entry by Pete King, 8:48, 8 Feb 2018 (UTC)

Logo Submission by Tim Denee

-- Entry by Tim Denee, 8:21, 25 Feb 2019 (UTC)

Logo Submission by Adam Steer

This design is inspired by the Koru, a Maori symbol of strength, growth, nurturing and hope, drawn in turn from the characteristic shape of an unfurling fern frond. The motif of a spiral, or circles-within-circles, is also common to all the cultures of Oceania, meaning variously 'meeting place', or 'journey/passage' and more. The green colour scheme is a direct nod to greenstone/pounamu used for tools and jewellery by Maori; with an OpenStreetMap-based map of wellington etched into the surface. The OSGeo ribbon sits at the start/end of the spiral/journey, marking a place of transition and change. A generally accepted Maori name for the conference location is given prominence, in lieu of the exact dates.

It uses tints of green, meaning the design can be printed in two colours. It is also readily adaptable for different layouts (hexagon, text unrolled to the left or right or above or below). The map is also easily replaceable, enabling focus on different locations.

-- Entry by Adam Steer, 5:24, 26 Feb 2019 (UTC)

Logo Submission by Pete King

-- Entry by Pete King, 10:33, 3 Mar 2019 (UTC)