FOSS4G Travel Grant Programme 2017

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The FOSS4G Travel Grant Program for 2017 is administered by the Conference Committee.

This page sets out the process for applying for an OSGeo Travel Grant to attend FOSS4G 2017 and the process and criteria by which applicants will be selected.

  • The OSGeo foundation has made an amount of US $10,000 available to fund a travel grant program

Details of the Travel Grant

  • The TG covers a Full Conference Pass and an allowance for accommodation and meals/expenses
  • It is anticipated that a TG will not normally exceed $1,000 (the Conference Committee can vary this guideline at their discretion in exceptional circumstances)
  • Workshop attendance is not included in the Conference Pass, reduced rate fees for attendance at workshops will be available to grantees
  • Applicants must be able to fund the direct costs of travel to FOSS4G and any booking deposits for accommodation
  • Applicants must be in possession of a valid entry visa (if required).
  • Successful applicants will receive a conference pass and become eligible for reimbursement of expenses up to the limit of the Travel Grant when they check-in at the conference registration desk. The reimbursement will arrive via mail weeks or months later after coordination with the OSGeo Treasurer.

Application & Deadline

Applications should be submitted on the [TGP Application Form] by 2017-07-07 CET


There have been many great applications and we have limited funds. With a little more funds we are able to stretch our funds to include more recipients. We are looking to raise $1,500. Please donate to the Travel Grant Programme so that FOSS4G will have more great attendees.

Selection Process

We expect, that the money for the TGP will be less than the number of people wanting to get sponsorship for FOSS4G attendance

  • The Selection process is partly based on World Bank's Country Ranking that group countries into these groups:
  • Priority is given to applicants from the first three groups above
  • Additional selection criteria may include
    • Gender
    • Minority status
    • Student
    • Accepted talk
  • Every applicant will be 'blind evaluated' in a secret table, after a calculation between money/costs per applicant travel grants are assigned to the top ranked applicants
  • Applicants will be notified of the result of their application by 2017-07-14 at the latest
  • The decision of the Conference Committee selection group is final and not subject to any appeal